Loyola University Chicago

Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

2017 Denkewalter Lecture

The 2018 Denkewalter Lecturer will be Dr. Neal Devaraj from the Department of Chemistry at the University of CA-San Diego. Dr. Devaraj was the recipient of the prestigious ACS Award in Pure Chemistry, for 201‌7. ‌

Topic: "Peering into the Lipid World"
Our current research program is motivated by the global problems of infectious disease and antibiotic resistance. We investigate the chemistry and biology of small molecules, peptides, and proteins that participate in the human innate immune response and host/pathogen interaction, and contribute to microbial pathogenesis. In many projects, we emphasize how transition metals, and metal-ion chelators produced by either the host or microbe, contribute to these phenomena. Our experimental approach combines the techniques of inorganic and organic chemistries, biological chemistry, and microbiology.
Date: October11, 2018
Time: 5:30 -6:30pm
Location: Flanner Hall Auditorium (FH 133)

The Reception & Poster Session

A poster presentation and reception is to take place prior to the Denkewalter Lecture, in the foyer outside Flanner Auditorium at 4:30pm. During the event, Loyola Graduate and Undergraduate students will have an opportunity to share information regarding the Chemistry research they have conducted in their respective labs groups.


Graduate student, Gregory Deye, presenting his research on surface reactivity of organic substrates to peer and fellow doctoral candidate, Susan Phan. (2016)