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Taylor Petrusevski

Taylor Petrusevski
BS in Biology
Graduation Date:
May 2016

1. What's your current profession?
I am a first year medical student at Loyola University Chicago Stritch School of Medicine. My career goal after graduation: I hope to be a physician after graduating however I am not sure which specialty yet. As of right now I am leaning toward Emergency Medicine or Anesthesiology however am keeping an open mind as I experience all the different specialties throughout my 4 years of medical school am currently a first year medical student at Stritch School of Medicine.

2. What do you know now that you wish you knew when you were in school?
When I first started school, I wish I had been comfortable with the idea that everyone takes different paths to reach their career goals. When you initially start college, it is easy to get wrapped up in the idea that there is only one “right” path to reach your career goals, and I think this is especially present amongst Pre-Meds. However, I learned that there are so many different amazing experiences and opportunities that Loyola offers their students to prepare them to reach their career goals. I believe students that capitalize on these opportunities by choosing to participate in experiences that truly resonate with them have much more rewarding experiences and their genuine passion shows through in applications, interviews, and throughout the rest of their career and life. I have learned that it is the unique and diverse experiences that each student brings to their work that distinguishes them, not necessarily sticking to a strict “right” or “common” path. It is better to choose experiences you genuinely have an interest in than choose experiences because you feel obligated to “check them off” your list to create a strong resume.

3. How did you use the Career Development Center?
The Career Development and Pre-Health Professions Center informed me of the opportunity to work as a PhysAssist Medical Scribe when I was a freshman, which has been one of the most rewarding experiences. When I started at Loyola, I knew that I was going to have to work throughout college in order to help pay my tuition, however I was really struggling to find work that would correlate with my desire for hands-on clinical experience in the medical field. I had no idea what medical scribes were prior to Loyola’s Pre-Health Advising informing me of the job opportunity, and now I am in my 3rd year working as a scribe for ER physicians and pulmonologists.

Medical scribing has given me such unique practical insight into the medical field and has really tested, confirmed, and encouraged my desire to become a physician. As a scribe, I learn skills that most medical students do not learn until the second year of medical school and I am able to apply my fundamental biological knowledge from my classes at Loyola to a patient sitting right in front of me. Scribing for so many different ER and specialty physicians has given me a diverse group of mentors to learn from and they have all helped me immensely throughout my path to medical school. Because of the Career Development and Pre-Health Professions Center at Loyola, I was fortunate enough to be accepted into Loyola’s Stritch School of Medicine’s Early Assurance Program during my junior year. The Pre-Health Professions center continuously supported me throughout the application, MCAT, and interview processes and I can only hope that one day I can reciprocate back all of the support I received from Loyola’s Pre-Health Professions and Career Development Center.