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Mit Patel

Mit Patel
Information Systems
Expected Graduation Date:
May 2018

1. What is your career goal after graduation, and what are you hoping to accomplish this year related to your major?
In all regards, I want to keep learning. I am particularly keen on learning medicine, but I should hope that my career path as a physician ventures beyond simply providing care. With my major in Information Systems, I have come to appreciate the decision-making process. To make the most informed decision with the information available and to take action towards achieving a desired outcome is an area of overlap between my major and intended career path. With the rise of data analytics and with an increasing number of medical diagnostic tools, I hope to find comfort in all the information surrounding medical professionals. In a career, I am looking to integrate the disciplines medicine, data analysis, computer science into a fulfilling career that will allow me to use information in service of my patients, the medical community, and just perhaps inspire others to seek a common ground with those around them. Regarding my major, I wish to understand fully the breadth of statistics. I say this half-jokingly but I lost my confidence in numbers the day I stepped into a stats class.

2. What do you know now that you wish you knew when you first started school?
A friend proposed to me the idea that undergraduate schooling should prepare an individual for a lifetime of independent study. Ever since that conversation, I have dedicated myself to reflecting on my interests, passions, and causes that touch me on a human level. Additionally, Loyola offers a plethora of resources for students to develop themselves personally, professionally and spiritually. I wish I had pursued even more opportunities.

3. How did you use the Career Development Center?
I primarily used the Career Development Center’s online professional development resources such as interviewing tips and resume tips. I interacted with their Pre-Health Advising staff throughout my Pre-Health career to plan out my timeline and to better understand my inspirations and goals for medicine.