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Samia Khan

Samia Khan
BS in Biochemistry
Graduation Date:
May 2016

1. What's your current profession?
Currently I am working full time as an associate analytical chemist at Covalence Laboratories in Madison, WI. As a chemist in the nutritional chemistry and food solutions (NCFS) department, I conduct routine analyses in compliance with application methods and protocols in addition to performing documentation of work and laboratory methods.

2. What do you know now that you wish you knew when you were in school?
I wish I knew that 4 years will fly by! I was so focused on academics since freshman year that I missed out on a lot of other opportunities. I wish I was more involved on campus.

3. How did you use the Career Development Center?
I met with a career advisor to discuss opportunities after graduation. I went to the career center to have someone look over my resume and also, often met with a pre-health advisor to make sure I was on the right track for applying to medical school..