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Conrad Stasieluk

Conrad Stasieluk
B.S. in Biology with a Molecular Emphasis
Graduation Date:
May 2015
Connect with Conrad through LUC Mentors, a mentoring program offered to LUC undergraduates by Loyola Stritch Medical Students

1. What's your current profession?
Medical Student at Loyola Stritch School of Medicine

2. What do you know now that you wish you knew when you were in school?
• Experience is the best teacher. When confronted with an opportunity that challenges you to go past your comfort level and push your limits, do it. The result is not nearly as important as the act, as it will teach you so much about yourself!
• Build as many relationships as you can. The “hidden” curriculum of college is all about teaching you the importance of community and relationships. You can learn a lot from others!
• Life isn’t linear, embrace it. Rarely do things go in the order that you planned, but that’s what makes things challenging and fun. Change the course, but not the destination!

3. How did you use the Career Development Center?
I received great advice and help from a number of the advisors at the Career Development Center. Being a first-generation college student coming from a high financial need family, I did not have a great understanding of how the professional world works. The CDC was able to help me network with professionals in Chicago, build my resume and personal statement, and find great (sometimes paid) internships.