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Kelly Majewski

Kelly Majewski
B.S. in Physics and a Math Minor
Graduation Date:
May 2016

1. What's your current profession?
I am currently studying at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities getting a Masters in Mechanical Engineering. Here I am also a Teaching Assistant for an undergraduate Mechanical Engineering Lab course.

2. What do you know now that you wish you knew when you were in school?
 • Summers are valuable! I wish I had started doing summer internships the summer of my freshman year rather than waiting until my last year.
• Learn skills outside of those learned in the classroom. Read news articles or follow blogs related to your future career interests.
• Go to office hours. Go to office hours. Go to office hours. Not only will they be writing recommendation letters for you in the future, but they can give you great career advice and most importantly help you improve your grade in class.
• Study with other people in your major. They’ll give you motivation for long nights of studying and you can help each other with tricky homework assignments.

3. How did you use the Career Development Center?
The Career Development Center helped me edit and improve my resume and LinkedIn profile. Also I got tips on interviewing skills and internship-searching tools. With their help, I was accepted for a summer internship I really wanted. I highly recommend going to the Career Development Center as soon as you can.