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Jessica Jenkner

Jessica Jenkner
Advertising Major with a a Business Administration Minor
Expected Graduation Date:
May 2018

1. What is your career goal after graduation, and what are you hoping to accomplish this year related to your major?
My ultimate career goal is to eventually own my own business. I was a professional ballerina before coming to college. With the knowledge I have from my dancing career, I have developed my own flexibility training program. I am teaching many classes this summer. Using what I’ve learned from my major, I hope to expand this project as well as work on others. I am studying abroad in Rome this fall but in the spring I hope to get an internship in the city.

2. What do you know now that you wish you knew when you first started school?
Try new things. Explore what college has to offer and get involved. I have enjoyed participating in many different groups on campus. College is the time to figure out what sort of things you're interested in. When I started school, I was very worried about trying to figure out what the most secure way to achieve success was. It took me a year to figure out that the most common path taken isn’t the only way to become successful. I wouldn’t have figured this out unless I jumped out of comfort zone and decided to fly free.

3. How did you use the Career Development Center?
I was a Biology Major on the Pre-Med track my freshman year at Loyola. I enjoyed my classes but worried about my future when I would discuss career paths with my professors. I couldn’t see myself living the life of a practitioner so I went to the CDC to seek out guidance. Talking to the advisers helped me realize that I wanted a career that allowed more creative freedom. I was given the courage to change my major and have been loving every moment since. I am excited to continue my path knowing that the CDC will be there to help me achieve success.