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Graduates of Loyola University Chicago are prepared to lead extraordinary lives whether in  corporate, not for profit, education, government or service industries. Equally, our graduates frequently continue their education in medical/allied health studies, legal studies or other advanced degree programs. Thanks to our rigorous engaged learning requirements, Loyola Graduates receive robust, hands-on experience via  internships, research, community service, study abroad,  employment, and fellowships.

Higher education is an investment, and we’re here to help prepare you for life by providing high-quality service and the information you need to make informed decisions. To help you do that, we’ve provided some career outcomes and data for your review. 

  • 88% of graduates were employed 3 months after graduation
  • 98% of graduates were either employed or pursuing a graduate education after 3 months
  • 70% or more Loyola graduates remained in the state of Illinois
  • 44% of Loyola graduates were employed before graduation
  • Average monthly median income increased continuously each quarter after graduation
  • Income increased 3-4 times after one year, and an additional 33.7% in the second year. (During the same time period, the Illinois workforce average income increased only 3.7%)
  • Graduates with a higher cumulative GPA were found to have higher average median incomes.


Source: IRS Data representing 70% of graduates from 2009-2012.  Data represents an aggregate of programs and majors.  Data does not serve as an indicator of future outcomes data.