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Fall 2015 
Spring 2015 

Women's Club Lacrosse at Purdue Tournament

2015-11-03 Women's Lacrosse 2

With much more travel time, less sleep, and no subs, Loyola lax ladies were able to push to the top and result as tournament champions after winning all three games!  A first in Loyola Women's Lacrosse history!  Each team member played vital roles on the field, with some even playing positions they're not accustomed to.  Opponents played tough against Loyola and were very gracious hosts.  The team hopes to participate in the tournament next season/year.  MVPs of the game include Nelia Hogan, Ansley Ostiguy, Emily Zimmerman, Ella Dahlin, Becky Dahlin, Shelby and Foley.

Women's Club Lacrosse at Chi-town Classic Tournament ‌

2015-11-03 Women's Lacrosse

An all-day tournament in which the team played against U. Wisconsin at Concordia, Indiana, and a post-collegiate team from Michigan.  The MVP of the game was Juliette Brown.  The team forced countless turnovers, recovered numerous ground-balls, netted several well-placed goals, and showed strengths in all positions of the field.

Women's Ultimate Frisbee Scrimmage

2015-11-16 Women's Ultimate Frisbee

The Sirens hosted the DePaul women's team, Laser Chains, for a scrimmage at Hoyne Field. 

2015-10 Women's Ultimate Frisbee
Women's Ultimate Frisbee at the No Wisconsequences Tournament

This weekend the Sirens played in their first tournament of the season. They had a great turn out for both returner players and the new rookies. They had a lot of fun, and they learned a lot from one another. The team is so excited to carry this momentum forward into the next tournament. They hope to keep learning from one another and building off of each other's strengths to become the best they can be this season!

2015-10 Women's Ice Hockey
Women's Club Ice Hockey Away Game Vs. University of Michigan-Flint

LUC Women's Ice Hockey won their first game of the season away at University of Michigan-Flint. With six new freshmen, this proves to be the start of a great season for the team. The team jokes that they are on "fire" when they are playing well by shouting "fire emoji". This is just a fun and silly joke that has continued and will most likely continue for the rest of the season. Kim Riley played her first game in goal and was on #fireemoji ! The team won 4-3.

2015-10 Women's Lacrosse
Women's Lacrosse First Game against DePaul

Goalie Emily Zimmerman played tough against the DePaul attackers, only allowing 5 goals in the net, saving numerous others, with the help of the tough defenders Molly Mrzlak, Juliette Brown, Carlin Coffey, and Dani Ament. The mid-fielders provided a lot of hustle and support on both ends of the field: Ella Dahlin, Lauren Link, Danielle Devonport. Finally, multiple goals were scored by talented mid-fielders and attackers: Becky Dahlin, Leighanna Sheran, Shelby Foley, Lauren Link, Danielle Devonport, Rachel Houle, Liz Guararra, Nelia Hogan, Ansley Ostiguy, Nelly Rakowski. Loyola women played smart, tough lacrosse which paid off for the first win of the season 12-5!

Loyola Sirens at the Chicago Invite a tournament in Rockford, Illinois

2015-10 Women's Ultimate 2

The Sirens had an amazing weekend at Chicago Invite. As the second tournament of the fall season, it was incredible to see the growth the team has had in such a short amount of time, especially to see the chemistry growing with the new players. The team won 6 games and lost 2 for the entire weekend. On Sunday, they won all four of our games and had a lot of fun playing together and cheering on other teammates. The Sirens took 15th place in the women's division of 28 teams after being seeded in the 21st place. The MVP of the game was Sierra Cole. 

Loyola Sirens at the Wolverine Warm-Up, Ann Arbor, MI

2015-10 Women's Ultimate

The Women's Ultimate Frisbee team travelled to Ann Arbor, Michigan this past weekend to participate in Michigan Flywheel's first annual Wolverine Warm-Up. This was a great learning tournament where the newest players got a lot of playing time and were able to learn a lot.

2015-09 Men's Hockey

Men’s Club Ice Hockey Game Highlights
September 12 
Provided by Brian Barnett

The Men's Hockey Team opened their season at home against Notre Dame the weekend of September 11th and 12th with two well-played games that signal the beginning of a new era for the club.

On Friday, Notre Dame jumped out to a 1-0 lead after the first period, but the Ramblers would not be put away so easily. Freshman Harrison Oates scored a power play goal midway through the second period to put Loyola on the board and tie the game up at 1-1, and it stayed this way until the end of the second period. In an exciting third period, both teams exchanged goals two goals and a late period goal by Jordan Hawkins forced the game into overtime. 65 minutes, however, were not enough to declare a winner on Friday, so the game went to a shootout where Notre Dame was finally able to come out on top 4-3.

Highlighting the game for the Ramblers was Harrison Oates with one goal and two assists, junior forward Nick Piper's two assists, and starting goalie Tom Valvis's astounding 41 saves.

On Saturday, the Ramblers packed the rink with over 100 fans in attendance. Spirits were high and so was the scoring. Loyola went down 2-0 early, but some heavy hitting and unrelenting support from the fans gave the team a much-needed boost to tie the game 2-2 after the first period. The comeback was spurred by senior forward Matt Evans' highlight-reel goal to tie it up at 2-2. The teams traded goals in the second period, so it was once again tied up going into the third period.

As they came out of the locker room to the tune of Led Zeppelin's "Ramble On", the team knew this would be final 20 minutes that would define the rest of their season. Freshman Dante Todaro started the scoring after catching a beautiful stretch pass from Harrison Oates after coming out of the penalty box. The Ramblers never looked back after this and scored 4 more goals in the period to come out with a huge 8-3 victory.

Freshman Harrison Oates was named the MVP with 5 points over the weekend. Andrew Hadley had a good game as well and was quoted after scoring his first goal in 6 months, he said "It's a huge relief. The only way I can describe it is how you feel after finally getting over your ex-girlfriend."

After the huge win Saturday, junior Qvintin "Swede" Koister blew kisses to the crowd and said, "I love giving the fans what they want. It keeps them coming back for more, and I'm happy to give it to them."

If this weekend is any indication, this could be one of the most successful teams the Ramblers have put together in years. 

For more information on Sports Clubs at Loyola, contact James Alexander at jalexander4@luc.edu