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New Personal Training Packages are not available for the remainder of the Spring Semester. We apologize for the inconvenience. We recommend you participating in our Group Fitness classes or utilizing our Cardio and Weight Room space until we are able to offer again


Student Packages
  30 mins 60 mins
Intro Pack:
2 Sessions
*New clients only
$50 $80
5 Sessions $115 $175
10 Sessions $200 $310
15 Sessions N/A $405
Faculty, Staff, & Alumni Packages
  30 mins 60 mins
Intro Pack:
2 Sessions
* New clients only
$60 $90
5 Sessions $145 $200
10 Sessions $260 $360
15 Sessions N/A $465
(Prices listed are per person)
* 60 mins only Student Non-Student
2 Sessions
* New clients only
$50 $60
5 Sessions $110 $120
10 Sessions $190 $220
15 Sessions $250 $280


All Packages Include
Review of Exercise History
Fitness Assessment
Health and Fitness Goal Setting
Individualized Exercise Program
Follow-up Assessments

 Personal Training Flyer PDF

WebTrac Login:

Students, Faculty, Staff: https://lucapps.luc.edu/webtrac/
Alumni: https://halasrec.luc.edu/

Questions?  Interested in scheduling a PT consult? Contact Dana Bender at dbender1@luc.edu 

Why Personal Training?

Personal training clients are required to complete a PT interest packet which includes questions on health history, exercise history, and preferred time of training. This entire form needs to be completed and discussed with the Fitness Program Coordinator prior to the start of any training sessions. 

This is a series of tests designed to assess various components of fitness including cardiovascular fitness, body-fat percentage, muscular strength, muscular endurance, balance, and flexibility. All fitness assessments will be completed during a separate meeting time prior to the start of any training sessions.  

All clients will meet with their assigned trainer to set specific health or fitness related goals prior to starting any training sessions. Goals are created collaboratively between the client and assigned trainer based on information from the fitness assessment and health history. 

An individualized exercise program is designed based on the individual’s fitness assessment results and personal fitness and health goals. This exercise plan will be carried out throughout the duration of the client’s training sessions.

Personal attention and support during exercise is the primary function of personal trainers. Clients are given detailed information that addresses the aerobic, strength, and flexibility components of an exercise program. Clients are educated on proper form for specific exercises, and on the safe way to use fitness equipment.

Following the successful completion of a personal training package, all clients have a chance to complete follow-up fitness assessments to assess progress and success overtime. 

Interested in learning more about Personal Training? Schedule a 15-20 minute PT consult by emailing the Fitness Program Coordinator Dana Bender at dbender1@luc.edu.

Packages must be purchased online for all new clients prior to starting any personal training sessions.  Upon purchase you will receive a health history packet to complete and email to dbender1@luc.edu. Once you have purchased your personal training sessions, you will be contacted by the Fitness Program Coordinator within 48 business hours to get you started.

All sessions must be completed within 6 months of the initial start date.  All training sessions not completed within the 6 months will expire.  Sessions may be put on hold for corporate traveling and leave of absences.

In order to purchase personal training sessions, you must be a member of the Halas Recreation Center.

Purchase Personal Training Session packages through WebTrac:

Students, Faculty, Staff
Alumni (email Dana Bender at dbender1@luc.edu to obtain a login ID and password)

Questions?  Contact Dana Bender at dbender1@luc.edu