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Race Around Lake Michigan PDF

What is it?

The Race around Lake Michigan program is a cardiovascular workout competition which will run from October 23 to November 30.  During this time frame you will track your cardiovascular workout’s to earn miles.  The goal is to be the first three participants to achieve a total of 1659 miles which is the distance around Lake Michigan!

How it works:

One minute = one mile during this program so if you do cardiovascular exercise for 30 minutes, it will be 30 miles as you race to complete a total of 1659 miles.  All participants will track their cardio workouts in a binder at the Cardio desk!  Participants can log a maximum amount of 90 minutes/miles per day; six days a week (Remember, rest days are important!).  Each participant will have their own unique tracking sheet in the binder at the cardio desk once the program starts on 10/23.

When do I sign up?

Sign up to join this program at the Cardio desk starting October 16.  Participants can start and join the competition at any point of the program.

What could you win?

First place: stability ball & insulated BPA free water bottle
Second place: yoga mat case bag
Third place: insulated BPA free water bottle

Race Around Lake Michigan PDF

Questions?  Contact Dana Bender at dbender1@luc.edu