Loyola University Chicago

Bridge to Loyola

Student Testimonials


James Jaeger

Major: Marketing
Minor: Spanish

Quinlan School of Business

When I got accepted to Loyola I was super excited! The only thing was, is that I had to take a summer class at Loyola. I was a bit hesitant at first, but everyday it came closer I was more and more thrilled. The experience with the Bridge to Loyola program at Loyola University Chicago is a once and a lifetime experience. This program had many things to offer me, from meeting Loyola student and faculty to learning about college life. I was taught many things about the social aspects of Loyola, from DOP (Department of Programming), Rugby, classes, dorms, and much more! I was able to receive 3 credit hours, which was very rewarding, because I got to feel what a typical class would be like at Loyola. I got to understand the campus grounds, without much student traffic, and I made several friends. Knowing the campus and having friends, made the transition the first couple of weeks of college so much easier because I was not worrying about not getting lost or if I would have a social life. I absolutely loved the Bridge Program and the people that made it happen, if I had the choice to do it again I would.

Gloria Santana

Major: Undecided

College of Arts and Sciences

If I could explain my experience with the Bridge to Loyola program at Loyola University Chicago, I would be speechless. This program helped me meet my community and faculty members before school even started. I received college credit and I got a feel for what a typical class would be like at a university. The best part of the program was that I had such an easy transition to Loyola and I met so many friends that I am very close to now. Let’s just say the Bridge to Loyola program pretty much ROCKS!

Beata Maria Tunkevicius

Majors: Political Science & Spanish

College of Arts and Sciences

Summer vacation is a time for people to unwind, and while the common thing to do is kick back and go to the beach; I found time to do that, but not in the same way other students tend to. I went to the beach during breaks from our rigorous academic sessions in the Loyola Summer Bridge Program. Which, although it was three weeks of intense academic work, it was the three most wonderful weeks of my summer. There I met my closest friends, who accompanied me to the beach, and were the same young scholars I could count on to study with me.

The first weeks of college could seem like such a daunting time, just looming in the distance, but part of the reason my first days were so spectacular, were because of the wonderful friends that I already had that participated Bridge with me. We all had the most wonderful advantage. Living on campus while we were in the Summer Bridge Program classes allowed us to be experts at Loyola before officially beginning classes. We knew how to get to the resources we needed, the hidden and yummy restaurants in the city, and we were accustomed to the demanding work, input, and time management skills that are necessary to be a successful college student. If someone asked me what three weeks I’d redo or give back, my answer would simply be I don’t want to redo or give back anything, instead give me three weeks more please!