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Apply to Become a Bridge to Loyola Peer Mentor!

Interested in serving as Peer Mentors during the Bridge summer residential program?  We are looking leaders who have demonstrate a desire to provide supportive, individualized educational experience to first year students. The three-week summer intensive program introduces incoming students to the challenges of college-life and exposes them to opportunities for growth and resources for success. The Peer Mentors help to bridge their transition into college by creating community and serve as a great resource to the Bridge students.


Bridge to Loyola Peer Mentor Information Sessions
Wednesday. Feb. 8th 6:00pm Damen 216
Tuesday, Feb. 14th 6:30pm Damen 214

Bridge to Loyola Peer Mentor Job Description


Peer Mentor Responsibilities:

Bridge to Loyola Peer Mentors are mainly responsible for residential, social, and community programming. Under the direction of the Bridge to Loyola Graduate Intern and Lead Peer Mentor, Peer Mentors will provide guidance and support for Bridge to Loyola students as they meet the challenges of transitioning from high school to college.

Bridge to Loyola Peer Mentors will:

  1. Attend all Peer Mentor training sessions.
  2. Live in the residence hall June 18 – July 29.
  3. Be present in the residence hall evenings and weekends.
  4. Monitor residence halls and enforce residential policies, such as quiet hours.
  5. Participate in a rotational duty schedule. 
  6. Model and uphold Loyola University Chicago and Bridge to Loyola policies.
  7. Meet regularly with Bridge to Loyola supervisor and fellow peer mentors.
  8. Collaborate with Bridge faculty and staff.
  9. Act as a resource for students by facilitating their use of study strategies and time management.
  10. Refer students to appropriate people and campus resources for support in dealing with academic, personal and interpersonal issues.
  11. Develop, coordinate, and facilitate co-curricular and social activities for students during weekends and evenings.
  12. Supervise scheduled study periods for Bridge students.
  13. Perform administrative duties as appropriate to the position including, but not limited to, writing reports and emails, entering data, copying materials, updating records, and scheduling appointment.
  14. Respond to emergency and non-emergency situations and contact the appropriate staff for assistance as necessary and as directed.
  15. Adhere to duty protocols and procedures as described and provided in training sessions, the Peer Mentor Manual, and through supervision.
  16. Perform other duties as assigned.


  • Professionalism within any Bridge staff interaction.
  • Academic and social professionalism with students.
  • Punctuality and timeliness to all meetings and events.
  • Uphold the Loyola Community Standards with students and staff.
  • Be proactive and flexible with time and tasks.
  • Have integrity and confidentiality with students and staff.


  • Loyola undergraduate student in good standing with their college/school and the University.
  • Effective verbal and written communication skills
  • Excellent interpersonal and conflict management skills
  • Ability to maintain professionalism in stressful and emergency environments
  • Ability to demonstrate maturity and take initiative.
  • Ability to be flexible and work in a team environment.
  • Preference given to Bridge students and/or rising junior and seniors
  • An appreciation for the Jesuit educational traditions and values including an appreciation for diversity and social justice

Applications are due: March 1st, 2017 by 4:00pm 

Download: Bridge 2017 Peer Mentor Application Packet 

Email bridge@luc.edu for any questions.