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McCormick Foundation Visit

McCormick Foundation Visit

On Thursday, January 26th, representatives from The Robert R. McCormick Foundation visited Arrupe College and met with six of the twenty-seven students that the Foundation is supporting with substantial scholarships.

Ms. Ruthellyn Musil (BA ’75), who serves on Loyola University Chicago’s Board of Trustees as well as the Board of the McCormick Foundation, and Ms. Anna LauBach, director of special initiatives, visited Arrupe College for the second time to meet with some of their scholars and learn more about their experience at Arrupe.  Mr. Ronald Musil, also a generous supporter of Arrupe College, joined the meeting as well.

The McCormick Foundation was the first major donor to support Arrupe College, committing to an incredibly generous $1M grant in the spring of 2014 before Arrupe opened its doors to its inaugural class.  These funds are used to support substantial scholarships for Arrupe students that are ineligible for federal and state aid, as well as for faculty development and capital needs.

Arrupe College dean and executive director, Steve Katsouros, SJ, explained, “This gift was transformational because it allowed us to provide significant financial support to a large group of first-generation college students who could not pursue higher education without this support.”  

Students discussed their transitions to college, as well as some of the activities they are involved in at Arrupe and their plans after graduation.  During the meeting one of the students asked the visitors why the Foundation supports students like them and Ms. LauBach explained, “The Foundation’s goal is to improve the civic health in our region and one of the ways we do that is by providing support to individuals.” 

Ms. Musil added, "Ron and I believe strongly that education has the power to change lives. After getting to know these McCormick scholars, we are more convinced than ever that Arrupe College is giving very deserving students the opportunity to lead extraordinary lives."