Loyola University Chicago

Arrupe College


The ePortfolio

Arrupe students have the opportunity to create engaging digital portfolios (ePortfolio) they can publish to the web and share with potential employers and destination schools. All Arrupe students have access to two-year e-portfolio templates to curate definitive curricular, extracurricular, and work experiences.

The Challenge

A personal reflection piece will act as your inaugural submission to your ePortfolio.  In it, you will capture your identity as a new Arrupe student.  The intent is that you will look back on this essay periodically throughout your college experience to gauge your development as a learner and young adult.  We also encourage you to draw upon this submission as you craft admissions essays and resume profiles as a prospective student and employee.

The Assignment

In a 300–600 word essay, first describe why you chose to attend Arrupe. This can be accomplished through expository or by telling a story that captures a moment in or lesson learned during life’s journey that bought you to Arrupe College. Next, articulate your goals over the next two years.  Some of these goals might be quantifiable (e.g., “I will achieve at least a 3.5 GPA,” or “I will participate in Arrupe Student Government and one intramural sport on the Lakeshore Campus”); others will be less so (“I will work with the Career Development Center to determine a career path and corresponding major” is an example of a qualitative goal).  Regardless, these goals should be specific and detailed enough for the reader to see how your identity as an Arrupe student ties into your ambitions.

Finally, write about how you foresee your experiences at Arrupe helping you in the future. As you probably know or will soon find out, life sometimes takes a circuitous path. New challenges and opportunities you cannot possibly anticipate await you. What bedrock skills and lessons do you hope to take away from Arrupe as you prepare to take-on life on life’s terms?


When you are ready to submit your reflection piece early in the first session of your first year, log onto your ePortfolio page using your Universal ID (UVID):

Login to ePortfolio

Once you are in the system, click on Arrupe under the heading, Work on a program. From the sidebar on the left, click on Entrance Essay under the Personal Narrative tab. At the bottom of the screen, you’ll see a list of options.  Click on the Text & Image button. You will be brought to a page that allows you to add and edit text. Copy and paste your essay, check spelling, and click on the Save and Return button. Only when you are absolutely ready for your work to go live, click the Submit Work button on the upper right hand corner of your screen. Once you submit, your work will be searchable by anyone with internet access, so be sure you are submitting only your best work.

Check out the ePortfolio program tutorial page at http://www.luc.edu/experiential/eportfolio/buildinganeportfolio/taskstreambasics/ for more information about creating your ePortfolio or reach-out to your advisor or Arrupe staff with questions.

Additional Submissions

In your first year, the Career Development Center will work with you to chart your professional growth by having you submit a cover letter, resume, reference list, and career reflections to your folio.  Your professors, too, will occasionally ask you to submit work that demonstrates your learning in a particular class.  Over time, you will find the ePortfolio a valuable tool in tracking your experiences during this challenging, changing, and exciting period of life.

Final Thoughts

ePortfolios can be a powerful catalyst for integrative learning and holistic development as well as a tool for self-branding and professional development. ePortfolios can:

  • Encourage engagement in active reflection and meaning-making
  • Foster reflection on the principles central to an academic discipline and the university as a whole
  • Facilitate the integration of topics and themes across disciplines and over time 
  • Provide a forum to synthesize work and share that work with others
  • Contribute to holistic development in multiple ways, including: personal development, academic development, and career development
  • Provide a resource for demonstrating skills, abilities, and experiences in the job-search process