Loyola University Chicago

Arrupe College

A.A. Business

To complete the Associate of Business degree, a total of 61 semester hours must be completed, distributed as follows: 

  • 37 hours of general education core requirements;
  • 9 hours of Arrupe College mission-related core requirements; and
  • 15 hours of electives, of which 6-9 hours are in one of three declared pre-major areas (Political Science, Psychology, or Criminal Justice). 

Except for the lab-based interdisciplinary science course, all courses are for 3 semester hours of course credit. The specific courses or course options required to fulfill these requirements are as follows:

Core Courses: 37 hours

  • ACWRI 105 Writing and Composition I
  • ACWRI 110 Writing and Composition II
  • ACCOM 101 Oral Communication and Presentation
  • ACPHI 130 Philosophy and Persons
  • ACFNA 105 Western Art: Renaissance to Modern
  • ACENG 110 Interpreting Literature
  • ACISC 101 Interdisciplinary Science:  Scientific Basis of Environmental Issues
  • ACISC 102 Interdisciplinary Science:  Environmental Processes, Challenges, and Methods  (4 hours, includes a laboratory component)
  • ACSTA 101 Statistics
  • ACHIS 101 Western Civilization to the 17th Century
  • ACECO 201 Microeconomics
  • ACECO 202 Macroeconomics

Arrupe Mission-related Core: 9 hours

  • ACTHE 101 Introduction to Christian Theology or ACTHE 107 Introduction to Religious Studies
  • ACPHI 281 Ethics
  • Philosophy Course, one of the following:  ACPHI 201 Ancient and Medieval Thought or ACPHI 205 The Person and Society

Pre-major Concentration and Electives: 15 hours

  • ACACT 201 Introductory Accounting I
  • ACACT 202 Introductory Accounting II
  • ACMGT 201 Managing People and Organizations
  • ACINFS 247 Introduction to Information Systems
  • Plus one additional elective of 3 credit hours

Outcomes for the Associate of Arts Degree in Business Administration:  

  • Competency and depth in understanding and interpreting the subject matter presented in accounting, management, and marketing courses.