Scholarships off the beaten path

by Jeremy Joslin | Assistant Dean

Loyola held its annual Scholarship Brunch yesterday as part of the Weekend of Excellence.  Some of our scholarship recipients for the year were there to say thank you to all the donors that help pay for scholarships and to enjoy a gorgeous Sunday morning on the Lake Shore Campus (to get invited to next year’s brunch, be sure to complete a scholarship application for Fall 2014 by August 1st).

While I was reading the program for the morning, a list of “general” scholarships caught my eye. SCPS students are always asking about additional funding sources to help pay for their tuition, and with good reason. Tuition is expensive, and there are funds out there!

The program lead me to Loyola’s Financial Aid site, where lo and behold, they have an entire page of “Outside the box” scholarship funds.  Think you can’t find a scholarship simply for being tall? Think again. Ever wonder if your Duct Tape prom dress was creative enough to win you $3K in scholarship money? Oh my goodness it might have been.

My point is that even though SCPS has several scholarship funds solely for our students, there’s no end to funding opportunities out there if you do the research. Start at the “outside the box” page on the Financial Aid site. Read about research tips as well, and see what you can find out there.

And don’t forget, Fall 2014 scholarship applications are due August 1!