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Karolus Smejda

Title/s: Senior Lecturer

Office #: Lewis Towers 401

Phone: 312.915.6501



Karolus Smejda, M.A., is a consultant, facilitator, producer, and playwright who has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Newsweek, NBC, CNN, The Chicago Tribune, and Future.  He is an expert and thought-leader in individual and organizational communication.

He has consulted with corporations, government, privately-held firms, and professional partnerships to improve leadership, management, sales, and communication since 1974.  Using his PowerSuasive approach to understanding and improving communication, he applies his practical strategy to on-the-job communications as a consultant and learning professional when custom-designing and delivering individual and group seminars.  In addition, executives, managers, and salespeople consult with Karolus one-on-one to improve the effectiveness of both themselves and their organizations. 

Karolus has created and produced, using professional actors, plays ("live cases") for the business community.  In addition, he has developed an online writing assessment process to evaluate business writing.

He has consulted to organizations such as Northern Trust Bank, Harris Bank, Abbot Laboratories, U.S. Gypsum Corporation, Federal Reserve Bank, Baxter-Travenol, Walgreens, BP, Shell, CBOT, CME, and many privately held firms and partnerships.  Karolus learns constantly from his 32 year practice of Lui Ha Ba Fa, an arcane Chinese martial art.  He focuses more on the art than the martial.


  • MA, DePaul University School for New Learning (Master's Project: Assessment of Business Writing), 2003
  • Second City, Improvisation Training, 1983
  • Chicago Dramatist Workshop, Co-founder & Board Member, 1978-1982
  • Alfred Adler Institute in Psychology (Now Adler Institute), Counseling Psychology program 1974-1977
  • BA, Roosevelt University, History with minor in Economics, 1970
  • University of Illinois, Navy Pier 1962-1963

Program Areas

ENGL 310 - Advanced Writing: Business/Professional Writing

Professional & Community Affiliations

  • Board of Trustees, Chicago Chapter, American Society of Training & Development, VP of Membership
  • Individual Psychology Society of Chicago
  • American Association of Training and Development
  • The Technology Executives
  • Human Resource Management Association of Chicago
  • Organizational Development Network
  • MIT Entrepreneurial Forum

Selected Publications

The Writer's Decisions: A Systematic Guide to Effective Writing
This was self-published as the text/manual for The Writer's Decisions seminar.

The PowerSuasion Assessment
The PowerSuasion Assessment (TM) provides feedback to business-persons and organizations on what to improve in their communications. A professional assessment of business communication, The PowerSuasion Assessment™, uses on-the-job business writing as its data-set. Professional editors use a content-analysis methodology to provide data to PowerSuasion's proprietary algorithms. The output of the algorithms provides business people feedback on how to improve their communication online, in seminars, or in one-on-one consultation

Selected Plays/Presentations

1979 Squeeze Play Poor management practices, poor communication
1981 Personal Touch Change, leadership, and succession in a family business
1982 Wasn’t Easy Customer Service/Sales
1985 Future Shock Now Managing Change toward Customer Orientation
1987 Customer First Creating Strong Customer Service
1990 Leadership Nightmare Adapting leadership styles to follower needs/requirements
1993 Question of Style Sales & Sales Management, Buying & selling styles
1995 Better…Faster… Cheaper Managing and leading the organization through hyper-change to adapt to a new reality
1996 Until Creating safe work environments by eliminating various types of harassment
1997 Trickster In and out group behavior and its impact on the management of diversity
2002 Crossroads Family business, transition between generations, modernization of plant/office
2004 Matrix-Management Dilemmas Dealing with how international matrix management creates dilemmas for the various departments: sales, manufacturing, and marketing
2005 Hyper-Change Blues Hyper-change, adapting to new environment, working through emotional blocks impeding change