The Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) comprises of 120 credit hours. Courses are offered in an 8 week session blended FASTRACK Saturday morning format.

Major Courses (41 credit hours)

SOWK 200 Introduction to Social Work
SOWK 201 Social Welfare and Social Work I
SOWK 301 Social Work with Individuals & Families I
SOWK 302 Social Work with Individuals & Families II
SOWK 303 Social Work Groups
SOWK 305 Human Behavior Social Environment I
SOWK 307 Policies & Strategies of Community Intervention
SOWK 330 Social Work Practice I*
SOWK 340 Social Work Practice II*
SOWK 350 Integrative Practice Seminar
SOWK 370 Intersection of Oppression, Privilege & Diversity
SOWK 390 Methods of Social Work
SOWK 501 Human Behavior Social Environment II

*Requirements for fieldwork placement: All students who plan to graduate with a BSW must fulfill the requirement of a one-year fieldwork placement as part of SOWK 330 and SOWK 340, approved by the School of Social Work, in a community agency during their final year in the program.  BSW students must submit the fieldwork application in their first session.  Information regarding the fieldwork placement can be found at this link. The fieldwork application can be found at this link. 

Social Science Elective (9 credit hours)

Each student must take 3 Social Science elective courses from the following disciplines: PSYC (psychology), SOCL (sociology), PLSC (political science), SOWK (social work), URB (urban studies), WSGS (women studies gender studies), or CRMJ (criminal justice). The Social Science elective requirement can be satisfied entirely with transfer credit.

SCPS Courses (9 credit hours)

CPST 200 Introduction to Degree Completion
CPST 201 Professional Identity and Development
Social Work students will be waived from CPST 397 Capstone.
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Core Requirements

The number of hours remaining toward Core requirements can vary due to transfer credit. Learn More

Mission Specific Requirements

Mission specific requirements can vary from 0 to 15 credit hours based on your prior credit. Learn More

General Elective Requirements

Students may have some general elective coursework to complete if their transfer credit and remaining required hours (Core, mission specific, major, etc.) do not total 120. Learn More

Academic Advising - Current Students

Once students enroll in their first session, they should schedule an appointment with Jeanne Sokolec, Director of the Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) program. For more information, please visit this contact information link.

After your first session, formal advising for registration in subsequent terms takes place before fall and spring registration each year with the Director of the BSW program. Students will be notified via email when the sign-up is open for advising appointments.

In addition to regularly checking emails for important information and deadlines regarding the BSW program, students are responsible for seeking information on the Social of Social Work website, found at this link. Resources include:

  • Student Handbook
  • Field Handbook
  • BSW courses
  • Information about the 5-year MSW program

Opting In: 5-Year MSW Program - Current Students

November 1st is the deadline for seniors to complete the online application to “opt-in” to the 5-year option to pursue the MSW.

Students pursuing this option must complete a request for the required second-level fieldwork placement by January 1st of their senior year at this link.

Course Descriptions

Course descriptions are available on LOCUS

Select the “Guest Access to LOCUS” link found directly below the “Sign In” button and choose “Browse the Course Catalog” link to search for a course and view the description.

Course Rotation Schedules

Please use the course rotation schedules below as a guide to plan out when you will take future classes. We will make every attempt to adhere to this schedule but please understand that scheduling is subject to change.

Course Rotation Schedule - Majors

Course Rotation Schedule - Certificates

Course Rotation Schedule - School Requirements

Course Rotation Schedule - Core

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