Full Scholarship For Introduction Course

Full Scholarship For Introduction Course

Loyola SCPS offers a full scholarship for the Introduction to Degree Completion course that serves as an orientation for newly admitted adult students as they return to college to complete their degree. This course, which counts for 3 credit hours, covers Loyola's online academic systems, techniques for effective academic writing, and getting the most out of resources available in SCPS.

CPST 200 Introduction to Degree Completion (3 credits)

Students will gain an understanding of the all of the tools and services available throughout the University. These services are often a necessary part of succeeding as a student of any age at Loyola and understanding them is an important first step toward completing a degree. The course also offers students a solid foundation of academic writing techniques before fully immersing in classroom setting. Students will write expository, argumentative, and research papers using appropriate source material and work-shop them to eliminate grammar and style errors. Finally, these writing skills will be put to use as you learn the process to earn academic credit by summarizing college-level-learning you’ve had in a professional setting through SCPS’ Prior Learning Assessment program, and how to submit to the process via SCPS’ partnership with Learning Counts. 


Upon completing this course, as a student you will: 

1.) Become familiar with the following Loyola online systems:

  • LOCUS, Loyola’s online system for student services
  • Sakai, the online learning management system used by Loyola
  • Various other online discussion and classroom tools 

 2.) Establish a writing strategy through:

  • Developing the framework necessary to write cohesive compositions on complex subjects and topics
  • Understanding proper summative and argumentative writing techniques

 3.) Learn about the benefits and process of earning credit for prior learning at Loyola, including how to document college-level learning, the PLA approval process, and how to build an e-portfolio

 4.) Explore the many SCPS scholarships available, funded both internally and from outside funding sources, and have at least a starter draft of a “Statement of Purpose” essay that is used with various scholarship applications.

 5.) Meet with Academic, Financial Aid, and Career Development Center staffers to build your personalized plan to graduation.

 6.) Explore the services available to students, including:

  • Water Tower campus services
  • the University services

Grading and Requirements

CPST 200 is a Pass/No Pass course. Attendance, participation and completion of assignments are required. As of Spring 2014, CPST 200 is awarded on full scholarship, provided it is taken by a new student during the first semester at Loyola University Chicago.

For more information about Introduction to Degree Completion, please contact the Loyola School of Continuing and Professional Studies at adult@luc.edu or 312.915.6501.