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September 2017

ACE Scholar Highlight

Isaac Rivera

Hometown: Elgin, IL

Major/Minor: Biology

Campus Affiliations/Organizations: ACE Peer Mentor, RMP Fellowship Recipient, Research Assistant with Dr. Burns 

1.  What was your fellowship? How did you get involved with it? What advice would you give an ACE Scholar in regard to getting involved with a Loyola fellowship?

The fellowship I was granted was the Research Mentoring Program from Loyola University. I was assigned my own study at the Microbiology and Immunology Department at Loyola University Medical Center, under the mentorship of Travis Price, a Ph.D. student at the university. I got in involved in the fellowship from searching for research opportunities from the Loyola’s website, under their research tab. That’s where I found the application for RMP, and took the shot of applying. My advice for other students wanting to get involved in a fellowship, you have take initiative. Opportunities, other than just fellowships, are out in the world. However, you must take the extra steps in finding and applying for them, rather than just waiting for opportunity to come by. This goes for everything else in life. If you want something badly, you must be willing to take extra steps to earning it.

2.  What has your experience been like so far in regard to being a Peer Mentor?

Becoming a Peer Mentor for ACE was something I did not see myself doing initially. I felt like I did not have certain attributes that would have made me a considerable candidate. However, I took on the application and interview process because I look at it as an opportunity to cultivate my professional skills, and since the program did so much to make the transition of college very manageable, I felt obligated to do same with incoming freshman. So far, being Peer Mentor has been a fascinating experience. Being a resource for my mentees has allowed me to channel my intuitions from previous critical experiences, and utilize them as a tool when my mentees seek advice.  Other than just being a mentor, connecting with my mentees has strengthened my sense of community within the ACE program, as well as on campus. 

3. What are your goals within your field of study?

As of now, my field of study is biology. It’s what my major is. But I’m also on the Pre-Med track, preparing myself to apply for medical school. My goal of doing this is to graduate from a respectable medical school and enter a surgical residence, where hope to gain the skills of becoming an orthopedic surgeon.

4. How has ACE shaped your college experience?

It’s definite to say ACE has exponentially shaped my experience here at Loyola. From having resourceful and sympathetic advisors to helping students invest in their careers by offering resources such as volunteer and research opportunities, ACE has always given me a support system of remarkable individuals who care for each one of its members and community. It did more than make me feel welcome, it gave me a sense of belonging, a gift I wish to give other members as well. ACE has done nothing but illuminate my experience at Loyola. 

5. What general advice do you have for ACE Scholars?

Do everything out of love. Love for yourself, for the ones around you, and for your community. I derived this maxim from my mother, who endured so many obstacles in her life, but always persevered for the love she had for her children. Don’t work for something out of gaining a materialist reward, work for something out of the love you have for it.

6. How do you hope to give back to the ACE community, and the TRiO community in general?

I hope to give back as much as I can to ACE and the all of the TRiO community. I want to give back in the most impactful was I can, which for me is to work my way to becoming a board-certified physician, and become a leader in my community. I not only want to practice medicine, but also work with my community by assisting low income, first generation students like myself achieve their academic aspirations, and be looked up to as a role model for students who are struggling to prioritize their future.


ACE Scholars, on November 2nd, ACE will host our first ACE Alumni Social and Sharing event from 4:30PM-6:30PM. Check out the flyer below for more information!



2017 Fall Banquet

2017 Fall Banquet took place on October 5th from 5-7pm on the fourth floor of the IC.  The banquet serves to celebrate TRIO, and all the work ACE does.

Continue to Dream Retreat 2017

ACE Scholars, October 21st is the last day to sign up to attend the Continue to Dream Retreat. Check out the flyer below for more information, or contact the retreat leaders, Allison FilaMaria Magallon-TrejoLizbeth SotoRoshandeep Singh, and Daniel Collazo.

Alternative Break Immersion (ABI) Program!

Hello, my name is Estefany Guzman and I am currently a student leader for the Alternative Break Immersion (ABI) Program! The ABI program focuses on exposure to social injustices ranging from immigration policy to environmental sustainability. It challenges students to grow in the four pillars (Simplicity, Faith, Justice, and Community) while exposing them to be in community with the disenfranchised. I have been involved since my freshman year and have participated in Bethlehem Farm, Appalachia Science in the Public Interest (ASPI), El Paso/Juarez, and lastly the Dominican Republic this year. The ABI program changed my life and has fueled my passion to pursue social justice. There is financial aid available for all trips; the spring break trip application is now open and is due November 5th. Let me know if you have any questions! (eguzman4@luc.edu)