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Meet the ACE Retreat Leaders


ACE has a couple special signature programs.  One of them is Continue To Dream Retreat,  a three-day program, in which ACE scholars build friendships with peers, start to consider their career path and how to make the most of their undergraduate education at LUC.  It is an opportunity for scholars to reflect on their life story and draw inspiration and support from each other. This year's retreat is happening on November 10-12, 2017 at LUREC.

Below is a brief introduction to our retreat mentors.  If you are an ACE student with questions about these programs, please e-mail us at ace@luc.edu.

ACE Retreat Leaders:


Allison Fila - Lead Mentor

Hometown:  Chicago, IL 

Current Degree Pursuing:  B.S. in Biochemistry and B.S. in Statistics with double minor in Neuroscience and Psychology

As an ACE Leader, I am able to give back to the community and family that I love. In return, I am honored with the position in supporting fellow members and staff to encourage growth beyond this institution. Not only is this group a great asset to expanding knowledge and aiding success, but also a place to call home. With such a position to promote change, I can never replace the experience that I have with this organization.


Daniel Collazo 

Hometown:  Chicago, IL

Current Degree Pursuing:  Major in Multimedia Journalism, Minor in Sociology and Urban Studies

Being a Continue to Dream Mentor means to help unify the community of ACE, and to help create a safe space for others to share their personal experiences, and for them to have a place where they feel that they belong.  My experience attending the retreat helped me make strong connections. 


Maria Magallon-Trejo

Hometown:  Aurora, IL

Current Degree Pursuing:  Biology Pre-Med

To be a Continue Dream Mentor is a true privilege. I take pride in providing multiverse support in one’s social and professional life. To me respect, confidentiality, and having an open mind are what it means to be a Continue to Dream Mentor. Despite similarities, every single person in this program shares a different story, and it’s my job to assure you are not just another academic student at Loyola. Just like myself, we are Dreamers and what has made us who we are is just as important as what we plan to do in the future. I’m excited to see where this year takes us! 


Roshandeep Singh

Hometown:  Born in Queens, NY. Raised in Chicago, IL

Current Degree Pursuing:  I am double majoring in Environmental Science and Business Administration and double minoring in Spanish and Bioethics

Being a retreat mentor allows me to pass on valuable information to incoming students that they might not be aware of. Being a low-income and first-generation student myself, college was a culture shock even with Loyola being so close to home. There are so many small, everyday things that orientations and other activities skip over. Having been in those often stressful situations already, I would use my mentoring position to help guide incoming students to the best of my ability. 


Lizbeth Soto

Hometown:  Chicago, IL

Current Degree Pursuing:  Major/Minor: Social Work Major, Studio Art and Theology Minor

I think being a retreat mentor is about strong connections and meaningful relationships. It starts with truly getting to know one another. With the wonderful community that ACE has, I’m honored to help continue to bring ACE together by working with both the mentees and the other mentors.