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Graduate Programs


Thank you for your interest in graduate studies at Loyola. We offer both MA and PhD degrees. Loyola is home to a number of leading scholars in Christian Ethics, Systematic Theology, and New Testament. Our graduate programs are designed to equip students with the resources necessary for contributing to theology as a discipline that is at once academically rigorous and creative. Please click the links on the left for more information about graduate study in Theology at Loyola.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Dr. Robert Di Vito, the Department’s Graduate Program Director (rdivito@luc.edu; 773.508.8456), Ms. Catherine Wolf, Office Manager (cwolf1@luc.edu; 773.508.2351), or Ms. Evelyn White, Administrative Assistant (ewhite5@luc.edu; 773.508.2353).