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Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan

November 2015

Dear Members of the Loyola University Chicago Community

We hope you have begun to familiarize yourself with Loyola’s Plan 2020: “Building a More Just, Humane, and Sustainable World.” Most recently, Interim President John Pelissero walked through the four institutional priorities of the new strategic plan at the three State of the University addresses. 

To date, hundreds of stakeholders across the University have participated in creating and providing input on our new five year plan. The process, under the leadership and direction of Interim Provost Sam Attoh, Professor Therese Lysaught, Senior Vice President Steve Bergfeld and Vice President John Hardt, began two years ago and now we are preparing for the next phase of the plan – implementation. As with the process to date, your involvement is both welcome and critical to the outcomes we expect to achieve over the coming years. Read more

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