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U-Pass need to knows for summer

Dear Loyola Student,

As summer break approaches, we wanted to make sure that all students currently eligible for the CTA/Ventra U-Pass know some important information pertaining to the usage of their U-Pass over the summer months. It is our hope that this information will provide some clarity to some questions that you may have as the end of the semester/term approaches. Please note that this letter only applies to those students who will be eligible for U-Pass in Fall 2014.

Students can continue to use their Ventra transit card over the summer months, but will need to load separate funds once U-Pass riding privileges end (see dates below).

Please note that once the U-Pass portion of student transit cards expires (dates below), all students must load separate funds in order for the pass to work. Students that continue to use their transit card after the dates listed below without loading funds on to the card, will have their pass fall into a negative balance. This negative balance will prevent the U-Pass portion of the transit card to activate in the fall 2014 semester. All negative balances are the responsibility of the student.

Spring 2014

Program/ School

Spring 2014 U-Pass turn-off

Fall 2014 U-Pass turn-on

Undergrad and Graduate students

May 6, 2014

August 23, 2014


May 16, 2014

August 21, 2014

Graduate Business

May 13, 2014

August 22, 2014*

*Summer U-Pass is available to eligible Quinlan School of Business Graduate Program Students with at least 8 graduate business hours this summer.

One of the conveniences of Ventra is that students can continue to use the same transit card when school is out of session (winter break, summer). During those periods, the transit card will function just like a normal Ventra Card. However, students must add funds to their account instead of receiving the U-Pass unlimited riding privileges. Students will be charged full fares for rides: $2.25 for rail and $2 for bus during school breaks (winter, summer). If the card has a negative balance when you return for classes, the U-Pass privilege will not activate. Students are responsible for any negative balances from the summer break.

It’s easy and convenient to add money to your Ventra card. Students can add funds or load an unlimited-ride 1-day, 3-day, 7-day, or 30-day pass online at www.ventrachicago.com if they have a registered transit account; at any Ventra Vending Machine located at CTA rail stations; and at hundreds of participating retail locations (visit www.ventrachicago.com to find the nearest location).

Students’ Ventra U-Pass unlimited riding privilege automatically resumes when their next full-time term begins (i.e. Fall 2014). A student’s transit account must be in good standing (no negative balances present) prior to their next qualifying term for U-Pass. The unlimited ride portion will not activate if students have a negative balance. Students must bring the balance to at least $0.00 for the U-Pass portion to operate.

Also, we ask that students do not discard or lose their U-Pass over the summer break. There is a $50 replacement cost for a new card. The card is valid for five years from the date of issuance and a new card is no longer issued every term.

Students can replace their lost/stolen U-Pass over the summer break at the Damen Student Center Information Desk at the Lake Shore Campus. Please reference the Damen Student Center website at LUC.edu/damenstudentcenter for summer hours. Unfortunately, students will not be able to order a replacement U-Pass at the Water Tower Campus over the summer break.

More information about how U-Pass functions when school is out of session can be found at www.transitchicago.com/upass or by calling 877.669.8368.

We wish all students a safe and relaxing summer break and we will see you all in August!


Loyola’s U-Pass Team

*You must be registered as a full-time student to qualify for turn-on. Full-time hours are as follows: 12 credit hours as an undergraduate, 8 graduate credit hours as a graduate, and 6 Graduate Business Hours in the Quinlan School of Business Graduate (MBA) programs. Please see the FAQ page for more information.