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Growing numbers of children and families are suffering while Illinois goes without a budget.

Background: As of July 1 Illinois stopped funding vital services for children, families, and communities because Illinois legislators and Governor Rauner could not agree on a budget that would support essential services. While significant parts of state government continue to operate through legal mandates, appropriations and court orders, community-based services remain in limbo with critical services not being delivered, including child care, domestic violence services, and mental health services.  Jobs are being eliminated.  Some agencies have had to close their doors. 

New Report: Voices for Illinois Children released a report on September 15th describing the widespread damage to vulnerable populations caused by the failure of lawmakers to choose revenue to support essential services.  Those most harmed are children, seniors, and those with disabilities.  The report details all state programs currently not receiving funding and the impact the lack of a budget is having.  The report counters any claims that “no one is feeling the pain.” See http://bit.ly/1idUrv5.

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The Civitas ChildLaw Center’s Policy Institute seeks to improve the lives of children and families in Illinois through systems reform and legislative advocacy. The Policy Institute develops and promotes child-centered laws, policies and practices, and builds coalitions and partnerships to improve the functioning of the legal, social welfare, juvenile justice, health care and other systems that impact underrepresented children and families. Policy Institute faculty promote the increased use of interdisciplinary collaboration, public-private partnerships, and child development principles in fashioning policies relating to children and families. In addition, the Institute serves as a resource for lawyers, judges, legislators, public officials, child welfare specialists, health professionals, educators, social scientists, and others. 


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