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Institute of Environmental Sustainability

Grants & Funding


Current Grants

Shane Lishawa, Nancy Tuchman, David Treering. Invasive species prevention and control: Furthering capacity to maintain high quality coastal wetlands in northern Michigan. USEPA Great Lakes Restoration Initiative (2014–2015). $499,727.

Tham C. Hoang (PI). Chronic Toxicity of Lead to Topsmelt (Atherinops affinis). International Zinc Lead Research Organization (2014–2015). $34,045.

Aaron Durnbaugh, Hanh Pham. Loyola University Chicago's Coastal Campus Signage and Lecture Series. Illinois Coastal Management Program (2014–2015). $50,180.

Aaron Durnbaugh, Hanh Pham. Loyola University Chicago’s Gallons Saved & Shared Project. Illinois Sustainable Technology Center (2014–2015). $50,999.

Kelly Garbach. Field Edge Plantings for Pesticide Reduction & Biodiversity. California Department of Pesticide Regulation (2013–2016). $123,015.

Rueben Keller and Kelly Garbach. Outreach to Address AIS in Illinois: Tracing Outreach Messages. Illinois Department of Natural Resources as a sub-contract through Illinois Natural History Survey(2013–2015). $101,789.

David Crumrine, Shane Lishawa, Zach Waickman, and Amber White. Developing Biological Systems to Purify Biodiesel Wash Water. United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA): People, Prosperity, and the Planet Phase II Award. (2013–2015). $90,000. The grant is geared toward sustainable biodiesel production, focused on the biological treatment of biodiesel wash water. It also includes elements of education outreach and equipment design and funds undergraduate research grants.

Kelly Garbach and Reuben Keller. Knowledge Networks to Manage Invasive Species. Illinois Department of Natural Resources and Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant (2013–2015). $101,789.

Kelly Garbach. Integrated Crop Pollination. USDA Specialty Crop Research Initiative (2012–2017). $8.6M.

Reuben Keller. Addressing Aquatic Invasive Species in Illinois through Outreach and Planning: Creating a Database of Illinois AIS Occurrences, and Revising the Aquatic Nuisance Species Management Plan. Illinois Department of Natural Resources, as a sub-contract through Illinois Natural History Survey. (2012–2014). $80,392.

Recently Completed Grants

Aaron Durnbaugh, Hanh Pham. Compost Collection Network. The Searle Funds at the Chicago Community Trust (2013–2014). $90,000.

Nancy Tuchman. Chicago Clean Air, Clean Water Analytical Laboratory. U.S. Department of Energy (2012–2014). $486,000.

Nancy Tuchman, Lane Vail, Shane Lishawa, Stephen Mitten, and Christopher Peterson. Sustainable urban agricultural education for a food secure and sustainable future: A workshop series. United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Higher Education Challenge: Planning Grant (2012–2014). $28,500. Curriculum development seed-grant.

Tham C. Hoang (PI). Application of a Biotic Ligand Model developed for copper and tropical water to the Mekong Delta watershed-Phase 2. International Copper Association (2012–2014). $38,043

Shane Lishawa, Nancy Tuchman, David Treering. A sustainable approach for restoring wetland biodiversity. US EPA Great Lakes Restoration Initiative (2010–2014). $449,603.

Gina Lettiere. Promoting the availability of fresh healthy food at the Loyola Farmers Market to Link Card members, seniors and other low-income populations. USDA Farmers Market Promotion Program (2013–2014).

Tham C. Hoang. Copper Bioavailability and Mekong Tropical Biotic Ligand Model: Phase II Development with Sensitive Snail and Technology Transfer to Scientists from Cambodia and Laos. International Copper Association (2013). $63,001.

Tim Hoellein, John Kelly, Chris Peterson, Tham Hoang, Catherine Putonti, and David Treering. The Effects of Spatial and Temporal Variation of Measured Abiotic and Biotic Attributes on Ecosystem Health in the Chicago Area Waterways System: Building the Foundation for Scientific Inquiry. LUC internal grant program “Stimulating Multidisciplinary Research at Loyola’s Lakeside Campuses” (2012–2014). $20,000.

Tham C. Hoang (PI), Chi Lan Do Hong (co-PI). Application of a Biotic Ligand Model developed for copper and tropical water to the Mekong Delta watershed. International Copper Association (2011–2013). $29,150


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