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Marketing is a process by which the products and services you desire are conveniently provided in the marketplace. The clothes you wear, the car you drive, the food you eat, and your leisure activities are all partially determined by marketing.

The Quinlan School of Business' BBA in Marketing degree program concentrates on the successful combination of strategic thinking and advanced technology. Through the use of real-world case studies, computer-based simulations, and hands-on projects, students learn to apply marketing principles and evaluate the results of their decisions. The synthesis of computer technology, multimedia resources, and thoughtful consumer analysis allows students to apply both the science and art of modern-day marketing to strategic problem situations.

The Basics

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About the Marketing Department

Marketing faculty apply advanced technologies in the teaching and learning of marketing principles and strategy. Across a range of courses, marketing faculty members use cutting-edge computer simulations, multimedia lecture material, electronic databases, Web resources, computer-based statistical models, and actual case studies to enhance the learning environment for our students. Students may also take business and marketing courses that offer an international focus at Loyola's John Felice Rome Center in Italy, and The Beijing Center in China.

Degree Requirements

In addition to Core Curriculum and Business Core Curriculum requirements, students pursuing the BBA degree in marketing must complete 15 credit hours in the following courses:

Important Details

,p>At the discretion of the Quinlan School of Business assistant dean, a maximum of one transfer course, taken prior to matriculating at Loyola University Chicago, may be allowed. A 2.0 average GPA is required for all attempted business courses. Quinlan students are limited to double dipping one course between majors/minors, while non-Quinlan students are limited to double dipping two courses between business school minors.