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Active Shooter

At Loyola, we believe in hoping for the best, but preparing for the worst. Therefore, it is critical that we give advance thought to how each of us should immediately respond if we ever have an 'active shooter' on campus. The prevention of an active shooter on our campuses is certainly the best possible scenario. Vigilance and the sharing of relevant information is the basis of prevention. Faculty, staff, counselors, and campus police are in the best position to identify and react to warning signs such as violent messages in papers and student projects, direct threats, and rumors about guns or other weapons on campus.[1]

The “active shooter” situation is when the threat is not contained and there is an immediate risk of death and injury.[2] This Campus Safety Response Plan will address two issues:



Those three words should be used to determine the actions you take when confronted with violence on campus.  

The FBI has released the following Quick Reference Guide for further information.  

Active Shooter Image

 Please click the image for more information.

Regardless of where you are you should RUN.

If you are unable to RUN, you should HIDE.  

If RUNNING and HIDING are not an option you need to FIGHT.

Please consult the Quick Reference Guide for more information.

For a video on how to properly utilize the Run. Hide. Fight. response please visit this link.  


If you are caught in an open/common area that has no cover:

If you are in a classroom, lab, washroom, or an office with a door, attempt all of the following:

If you are in a hallway:

If you are in a gym or theater with access to the outside:

If you are outside:

While others are securing your place of refuge, designate someone to call 911 and provide Campus Safety (773.508.6039) with the following critical information: 

Comfort the injured and utilize basic first aid if you are able to.


A contingent of Loyola’s campus safety officers is armed, is a recognized Police Department, and has the responsibility of first response in the event of a situation such as an active shooter on our lakeside campuses. 

Notification to the Loyola community will be made as soon as possible through various channels, including:

Loyola’s on-duty supervisors and armed police officers will have entry responsibility. These officers are highly trained professionals, many of whom have received training that exceeds the State of Illinois requirements. While armed campus officers are entering the shooter’s area, other campus officers will direct the arriving Chicago Police units to the scene and prepare for the arrival of the specialized units of the Chicago Police Department (SWAT and HBT).[3]

Once the threat has been eliminated, first aid and evacuation will begin. Those being evacuated will be instructed to follow a number of procedures:

These safety response guidelines are not all-inclusive, but if understood and followed up with periodic reminders and training, they can help you be prepared in the event of an active shooter incident on campus.

[1] Twenlow S, Fonagy P, Sacco F, et al. “Premeditation Mass Shootings in Schools: Threat Assessment.” Journal of the American Academy of Child Adolescent Psychiatry, 2002; 41: 475-477.

[2] Auburn University Press, Active Shooter Incidents: The Community Response

[3] (SWAT) Special Weapons and Tactical, HBT (Hostage, Barricade, and Terrorist)


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