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Family Business Center

The Loyola University Chicago Family Business Center is an internationally recognized pioneer and leader in family business program development and research, serving as a resource to family businesses in the Chicagoland area and throughout the nation. Read more about what we do here.


"A family business is a living being: it grows, changes, and must adapt to an ever-changing environment. While it is important to remember and honor the past, it is perhaps more important to chart a path not just for the company, but for the owning family as well". ~ Andrew Cretors, President, C. Cretors and Co., G5

Our Mission, Our Vision

Our mission, as an integral part of the Quinlan School of Business, is to help family businesses navigate complex generational transitions, strengthening both their family and business.

Our vision is to be the premier resource and learning community for multigenerational, mid- to large-sized family businesses.