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The Bonfire

The Bonfire is a regular column by one of the Digest magazine's writers, Kyla Barranco.  In the early stages of the magazine, when the format, schedule, and look were constantly changing, Kyla was one of the most reliable and consistent contributors; rarely skipping a beat.  In fact, she was our first contributor beyond the magazine staff.  Using experiences from her past and present, the column focuses on issues in everyday life that often pertain specifically to sex, gender, societal norms, and the social culture that perpetuates them.  Kyla has a talent for everyday, accessible language and ideas that also push against and challenge harmful social practices.  Digest magazine is happy to have a younger voice in feminist efforts.

 Kyla is a sophomore majoring in Political Science and WSGS as well as a member of Loyola’s Interdisciplinary Honors Program, in addition to being one of 20 Gannon Scholars in her class.  She is an Illinois native.  Her interests are reading, feminism, politics, and immersing herself in new cultures.  Kyla hopes to one day become a civil rights attorney, in addition to doing community work in Chicago and wherever else her life may take her.

Click here to view a PDF of contributor guidelines; email questions/submissions to: digestmagazine@luc.edu.

Below is a list of published The Bonfires separated from the magazine.  Click to enjoy!

#Column TitleReleaseIssue
18 Feminist Reflections: A Year's Perspective 5/9/2011 29
17 Feminism and Religion: The Odd Couple 4/18/2011 26
16 So Maybe I Don't Want to be a Princess After All 4/4/2011 24
15 MYSTERY 03/21/2011 22
14 Conflict and Compromise 03/14/2011 21
13 For All the Rockstar Women 3/14/2011 20
12 Playing the White Card 02/21/2011 19
11 Roses are Red, Violets are Blue 02/14/2011 18
10 The Feminine Feminist 02/07/2011 17
9 A Kyla Collection 01/31/2011 16
8 Performing the Daily Drag Show 01/24/2011 15
7 Tis the Season 12/09/2010 14
6 Prostitution - To Do or Not to Do 12/02/2010 13
5 I DON'T - A Solution to the Marriage Problem 11/11/2010 11
4 Closet Feminists - Come Out, Come Out, Wherever You Are 11/04/2010 10
3 Trick or Treat 10/28/2010 9
2 Sure, You Can Be My Best Friend - If You're Gay                      10/21/2010 8
1 Bros, Hoes, and Beer - A Call to All Frat Boys 10/14/2010 7


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