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Beyond the Words

Beyond the Words is a regular column by Aanmona Priyadarshini.  Upon starting her first semester at Loyola University Chicago in August of 2010 as an international student from Bangladesh, Digest magazine asked if she would like to share her experiences and worldview in an ongoing column.  As she is able to see many characteristics of US culture and economy from a less biased perspective, not having been raised here, her insights on international relations and US culture are useful for social awareness and positive change.  Digest magazine is fortunate to have her as a regular contributor.

 Aanmona is obtaining her second MA in WSGS at Loyola University Chicago. Her interest is in feminism, which focuses on the relationships between race, gender, class, ethnicity, and power, thereby addressing issues of power, resistance, social transformation, and interlocking systems of oppression and privilege within broader global and local contexts. She would like to be an academician, researcher, and activist. She is keen on bringing about changes in the legal, institutional, and policy frameworks and structures of Bangladesh and to understand politics and power relations, which are often quite discriminatory towards women and minority groups

Click here to view a PDF of contributor guidelines; email questions/submissions to Curtis: jmain@luc.edu.

Below is a list of published Beyond the Words separated from the magazine.  Click to enjoy!

5 Women and Media 4/4/2011 24
4 Kalpana Chakma: The Legendary Activist of Bangladesh 3/14/2011 21
3 Towards Understanding 2/21/2011 19
2 ‌                                    1/31/2011 16
1 White: Blotting Out the Colors 10/21/2010 8


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