WSGS Students at Work

Broad: A Feminist and Social Magazine

BROAD Magazine is a co-curricular, student-run, online publication supported by the Women’s Studies & Gender Studies (WSGS) program at Loyola University Chicago. Drawing upon the legacy of feminist zines, this feminist and social justice publication seeks to provide a virtual space for a variety of voices while bridging communities of scholars, artists, and activists in an open and inclusive forum. Through the encouragement of radical and challenging ideas, tackling issues related to the intersectionality of oppression, and raising awareness about feminist and social justice efforts, BROAD aims to present an example of the negotiated position of activism from within academia. 

Says Editor-in-Chief Jenn Miller, “Working in collaboration with my team has not only given me the valuable experience of feminist leadership and consensus decision-making processes, but also generated so much dialogue, creativity, and ambition regarding our goals and vision for the magazine.  I’ve had the ability to sharpen my technical skills by learning new graphic design software and the ins and outs of website updates and management; I’ve found an outlet for my creative/visual arts side in re-designing the look of the magazine; I’ve built an extensive network of academics (both students and faculty), activists, community members, and others from across the nation who are interested in feminist/social justice work and contributed in some way to the magazine; I’ve been able to voice my own opinions about topics pertinent to our feminist and social justice mission, while also influencing the very topics on which we focus each issue; and I’ve enhanced my communication skills, both on an interpersonal level and through marketing to mass audiences.

The more we expose others to feminist and social justice issues, the more informed they will be, the more comfortable they will become in participating in a dialogue about them and examining their own feelings, biases, and socialization processes, and maybe, someday, the dominant discourse around such topics will change for the better.  Please check out our work and the voices of our amazing contributors at:  You can also like us on facebook ( and follow us on Twitter ( for the latest updates on upcoming issues, staff opportunities, calls for submissions, and other news of note!”