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Certificate Curriculum

The Certificate in Strategic Leadership provides intensive classroom learning experiences, through four two-day seminars that meet throughout the academic year.  These workshops create the opportunity for collaborative, in-depth learning that adds structure and shape to your professional experience.   

 Fall 2013 Enrollment Now Open


Foundations of Effective and Reflective Strategic Leadership

Strategic leaders must develop competencies for assessing people and conditions, make complex and profound decisions, and create a plan to act on a broad and ever changing set of challenges. They must be comfortable and confident with their ability to create vision and inspire loyalty as they move confidently from the familiar to the unexpected. They must anticipate, envision, and maintain flexibility while influencing and empowering others for the benefit of the organization. For those drawn to leadership, becoming a strategic leader is mandatory. The goal of this seminar is to guide participants through the examination and acquisition of skills and attributes necessary to be an effective strategic leader. Participants will use reflection strategies to recognize and maximize their own leadership strengths and opportunities for growth.

Leading with Ethics and Integrity

"If you have integrity, nothing else matters. If you don't have integrity, nothing else matters." Leadership is about who you are and what you do. Studies indicate that people want to follow someone who has integrity, who demonstrates a visible sense of ethics and principles. Integrity is defined as a firm adherence to a code or standard of values; the quality or condition of being undivided. Integrity is being committed to a life of excellence. This course is intended to help you identify the values, standards and principles you stand for and determine how you will choose to conduct yourself in a leadership role. It is also concerned with the way you acquire and use power, and how you navigate organizational politics while maintaining your ethics and values.

Leading by the Numbers: Navigating the Balance Sheet 

A successful leader needs to grasp and command the financial environment and terminology that surrounds her. Acquiring the skills to keenly understand a company's financial performance is a crucial component of practical leadership. This course will provide a concise overview of financially related principles that govern and maintain organizations. Subjects will include liquidity, asset management, profitability, market value ratios, managing cash flow, strategic planning, and forecasting. Each of these topics will provide the student with skills useful in measuring and monitoring financial performance, and understanding a set of financial statements. These elements will be put into practice through a series of exercises to gain a solid understanding and appreciation for the language necessary to create higher market values for organizations.

Leading the Dynamics of Change in the Workplace

"The only thing we know for certain is that change is inevitable" In today's workplace, change happens at warp speed. Women leaders who can navigate this tidal wave of change and support others through it will not only succeed in their careers, but potentially make an impact that will leave a legacy in whatever field of work and life they pursue. This course will address the dynamics of leading change in the workplace and develop the competencies of "emotional intelligence" that characterize successful leaders in these uncertain times. Through a process of reflection and self-assessment, each participant will develop a personal "authentic leadership" profile and leadership creed to shape her leadership experience. We will address what it takes to generate, plan, and execute small and large scale change initiatives in organizations. We will culminate by discussing the concept of "women's leadership" and  how it brings a unique perspective to the challenges all leaders face in these compelling times.



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