Loyola University Chicago

Women and Leadership Archives

2015 Summer Research Grants

The purpose of these grants is to support and encourage scholarly research on women and their contribution to society by utilizing the holdings of the Women & Leadership Archives (WLA). Two $1,500 grants are available each year and are made possible by the Ann Ida Gannon, BVM, Center for Women & Leadership.

Click here for a PDF version of the following information: Summer Research Grant 2015

What is the amount of the award?

Up to two research grants of $1,500 will be awarded.

Who should apply?

Summer research grants are open to scholars, in any discipline, whose research would be enhanced by utilizing the collections available at the Women and Leadership Archives. Individuals affiliated with Loyola University Chicago, as well as those affiliated with other institutions, are all encouraged to apply. One grant is designated for a graduate student (Master’s or PhD candidate) and one to a faculty member.

What Is the application deadline?

The deadline for the summer 2015 grant cycle is March 13, 2015. All applicants will be notified by April 1.

What is the application procedure?

  1. Submit 1 copy of the following by March 13, 2015:
    • Letter of Application (1 page)
    • Current CV
    • Research proposal explaining the project, including description of collections at the WLA to be used, and the project’s connection to scholarly research on women and their contribution to society (3–5 pages).
    • Graduate student applicants include one letter of recommendation from a person who can speak to the merits of the proposal as well as the abilities of the student. Letters of recommendation must be mailed or e-mailed by the recommender to the WLA Director (see below) by March 13, 2015.
    • Applications (excluding letters of recommendation) may be submitted by mail or through e-mail, Word doc or PDF, to: Nancy Freeman, Director , Women and Leadership Archives, Loyola University Chicago,  Piper Hall, 1032 W. Sheridan Rd., Chicago, IL 60660. E-mail: wlarchives@luc.edu
  2. After the initial March 13 deadline, each applicant will have an interview with the WLA Director, preferably in person. If the applicant does not live in the Chicagoland area, the applicant will interview via Skype. Once the application is received, the WLA Director contacts the applicant to arrange an interview.
  3. After each applicant is interviewed by the WLA Director, Gannon Center staff and the WLA Director review applications.
  4. All grant applicants will be notified by April 1.

What are the criteria for successful research grants?

  • Appropriateness of the proposed research to the Women and Leadership Archives collections, general interest, and significance of the project.
  • Scholarly qualifications including demonstrated writing and research skills.
  • Graduate student (Master’s or PhD candidate) or faculty member in any discipline.
  • Potential use of research conducted at the WLA for publication in major paper, thesis, dissertation, article or book.
  • Interview either in person or via Skype with WLA Director.

What are the requirements for grant awardees?

  • All summer research grant recipients are expected to use the collections during the grant period of June 1 through August 15.
  • Half the grant, $750, is given to recipients after two visits to the WLA, with visits taking place prior to July 1, 2015.
  • The remaining amount of the grant, $750, is given when all research visits completed. WLA Director determines how many visits constitute completed research.
  • WLA Director may grant exceptions to the funding requirements, under special circumstances.
  • Within a year of completion, the recipient is required to present their research in some form at Loyola University Chicago. The format may be a presentation or web feature that will be developed with assistance from WLA staff. The WLA Director works with the recipients regarding the most appropriate way to fulfill the expectation of presenting research.
  • A courtesy copy of any publication resulting from research conducted with this grant must be presented to the Women and Leadership Archives within six (6) months of publication.
  • Any and all work products acknowledges in writing the WLA’s grant support.

For further information and questions contact:

Nancy Freeman, CA
Director, Women and Leadership Archives
Loyola University Chicago
Piper Hall, Third Floor
6525 N. Sheridan Road
Chicago, IL 60626
Phone: 773.508.8432

2014 recipients: Alison Lefkovitz, Assistant Professor in the Federated History Department at Rutgers University-Newark and New Jersey Institute of Technology and Hanzhe Zhang, PhD Candidate in Economics at the University of Chicago.

2013 recipient: Ann M. Shanahan, Associate Professor of Acting and Directing at Loyola University Chicago

2011 recipients: Robin Bartram, PhD Candidate in Sociology at Loyola University Chicago and Karen Johnson, PhD Candidate in American History at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

2010 recipients: Dr. Carol Colburn, PhD at Avila University and Anna L. Bostwick Flaming, PhD Canidate at the University of Iowa.