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Talking with a Student

If the student is exhibiting bizarre or disturbing behavior or is intimidating you or others, see Psychological/Behavioral Emergencies.

If the situation is less severe, you think the student might be open to discussing their concerns with you, and you are comfortable and willing to do this:

Respond to those students who disclose their personal concerns to you by:

What about students who need counseling but won't go? If it seems clear that a student might benefit from counseling, but is reluctant to go, you might mention any of the following that seem appropriate for that student:

Remember that except in certain life-threatening situations, the choice of whether or not to seek professional help is up to the troubled person. If a troubled student remains adamant about not seeking counseling, you need to accept the student's decision. This does not mean, however, that a student may behave inappropriately toward you or that you need to accept that behavior.

If you are quite concerned about such a student, you may seek assistance directly from the Dean of Students' Office at 8-3900. The Dean of Students will review the situation and take appropriate steps. Or you may consult with the mental health professionals at the Wellness Center. They can suggest alternative ways of approaching the student to help you more effectively intervene on the student's behalf. For more information on responding to disturbing, inappropriate, or disruptive behavior, please see Behavioral Concerns Team.

Consult With the Wellness Center

While it is important to respect the student's privacy, there are times when it is appropriate and necessary to discuss a troubled student with others who might be helpful. The mental health professionals at the Wellness Center are available to you for consultation purposes regarding distressed students who have come to you for assistance. To consult with a Wellness Center mental health professional during business hours, call 508-2530 and ask to be connected to the mental health professional on coverage.  You may also be asked to contact the Behavioral Concerns Team.


If you have made a referral to the Wellness Center, it is understandable that you might want to follow-up to see how the student is doing. Because of the importance of a student's right to privacy, professional standards of confidentiality and privileged communication laws bind the mental health professionals at the Wellness Center to strict confidentiality including whether a student kept an appointment or is being seen at the Center. However, if a student wishes that a mental health professional talk with you, the student must ask to sign a release of information form.


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