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Welcome Week Leaders 2016

Each year, Welcome Week Leaders (WWL) help execute the events associated with Welcome Week. They are informed about all things Welcome Week, a great resource for information and advice, and a new friend to our first-year incoming students! Look for our WWL team in their maroon "Welcome Week" t-shirts at Welcome Week events.


Information on the 2017 Welcome Week Leaders coming soon!

Classification: Sophomore

Major: Ad/PR

Hometown: Phoenix, Az

Favorite Chicago spot: Millennium Park

Favorite Welcome Week Event: Discover Your Chicago

Things you're involved in on campus: Always looking for things to do/join!

Why Loyola: I love Chicago and it seemed like the best place to learn and to build a future for myself.

Classification: Sophomore

Major: Marketing

Hometown: London, England

Favorite Chicago Spot: Art Institute

Favorite Welcome Week Event: Target Trip!

Things you're involved in on campus: Agape/Ecclesia, Women In Business 

Why Loyola?: I love the city, the people, and the opportunities it provides for its students. 


Major: Business Management

Hometown: Queens, New York

Favorite Chicago Spot: The Armitage area off of the Brown Line

Favorite Welcome Week Event: Speed Greeting

Things you're involved in on campus: I am apart of Alpha Kappa Psi and the Special Events Team in the Special Events office at Loyola, and I am a Quinlan Ambassador!

Why Loyola?: I wanted to get out of my comfort zone and live in a different state!

Classification: Sophomore

Majors: Neuroscience and Biology

Hometown: Woodinville, WA

Favorite Chicago Spot: Firecakes Donuts

Favorite Welcome Week Event: The Comedy Show, followed closely by the  Trolley Tour!

Things I'm involved in on campus: Tutoring students in Chicago Youth Programs, CLC, National Residence Hall Honorary

Why Loyola: I chose Loyola because the community was welcoming and the programs were challenging! I knew it was a place that would help me grow.

Classification: Sophomore

Major: Nursing

Hometown: Wilmette, IL

Favorite Chicago Spot: Harris Theater for Music and Dance

Favorite Welcome Week Event: Trip to Target

Things you're involved in on campus: Student Nursing Association of Illinois, Freshman Ambassador, Overnight/Shadow Host, Loyola Orthodox Christian Fellowship, Hellenic Student Association

Why Loyola?: Great nursing program and beautiful location on the lakefront!

Classification: Sophomore

Major: I am a Sociology and Global and International Studies double major, as well as a French Minor 

Hometown: Pilsen, on the West Side of Chicago

Favorite Chicago Spot: Sweet Maple Cafe in the West Side on Taylor Street! Great spot for breakfast food and catching up with friends!

Favorite Welcome Week Event: Trip to Target. I love how people all get together to run to the store for any last minute things they forgot! 

Things You're Involved in on Campus: Brothers For Excellence, STARS, LASO

Why Loyola: I have always loved the community feeling Loyola has. The two things I was looking for in a University are that it is in the city, and that it have a great community! Makes it easier to make friends and the possibilities are endless! 

Classification: Senior

Major: Global and International Studies, Communication Studies

Hometown: Park Ridge, IL

Favorite Chicago Spot(s): Lake Shore Path, Glazed & Infused

Favorite Welcome Week Event: Discover your Chicago

Things I’m involved in on campus: Campus Recreation (Group Fitness Instructor), SAGA, Global and International Studies Honors Society, American Red Cross, Loyola4Chicago Soup Kitchen Volunteer

Why Loyola?:  Loyola pushes you to be the kind of person you want to be in life by challenging and supporting you to have diverse experiences, relationships, and ideas.

Classification: Sophomore

Majors: Political Science and Global and International Studies with a Minor in Economics

Hometown: Milwaukee, WI

Favorite Chicago Spot: Myopic Books in Wicker Park

Favorite Welcome Week Event: Student Organization Fair

Things I'm involved in on campus: Model UN, College Democrats, Inside Government, WLUW, and I have a job in ResLife as a desk receptionist

Why Loyola?: I fell in love with Loyola's campus when I first visited. I love how it's a beautiful campus in the middle of Chicago. I also found that I identified with Jesuit values, even though I'm not Catholic. The Jesuit tradition of teaching provides a unique experience that goes beyond the classroom. In my studies, I plan to do several internships, study abroad, and make lifelong connections, and I believe that Loyola is the best place for me to do that. 

Classification: Junior

Major: Social Work

Hometown: Eagan, MN

Favorite Chicago Spot: Millennium Park 

Favorite Welcome Week Event: Hypnotist

Things involved in on campus: Alpha Phi Omega Service Fraternity and Loyola4Chicago Leader

Why Loyola?: Because of the great people and its in Chicago!

Classification: Sophomore

Major: Political Science and Classical Studies Minor: Women and Gender Studies

Hometown: Omaha, Nebraska

Favorite Chicago Spot: Grant Park

Favorite Welcome Week Event: Trolley Tours

Things you're involved in on campus: Secretary of Women In Leadership Loyola, Member of Kappa Kappa Gamma, Previous Member of the Leadership Learning Community. 

Why Loyola?: I picked Loyola University Chicago because it has the most beautiful campus on earth, a craving for social justice, an abundance of opportunities, study abroad facilities, empowering professors, and the greatest people you will ever meet. 

Classification: Hannah Chin

Major: Journalism, Leadership Studies, Pre-law

Hometown: Davenport, Iowa 

Favorite Chicago Spot: The Museum of Science and Industry! 

Favorite Welcome Week Event: All of the Welcome Week Events are amazing, but my favorite would have to be the Trolley Tour (I can’t say no to Garrett’s Popcorn)! 

Things you're involved in on campus: LUC Dance Marathon, Loyola Pre-law Society, Research Mentor Program, Loyola Phoenix, and Alpha Delta Pi

Why Loyola?: I chose Loyola because it is a learning institution that prides itself on service, justice, and diversity. From the minute I walked onto the Lake Shore Campus for the first time as a high school junior, I knew this was the college for me. I was welcomed with open arms, by both students and faculty. I know that I am not just a number here; my purpose means something to the people around me. Not only am I discovering my passions with the support of amazing peers, but I am finding opportunities and gaining experiences in one of the most cultured cities in America. Welcome to Loyola, Class of 2020 – Get ready for the best years of your life! 

Classification: Senior 

Major: Biology 

Hometown: Woodstock, IL

Favorite Chicago Spot: Lincoln Park Zoo

Favorite Welcome Week Event: Hypnotist

Things you're involved in on campus: PhiDE, Rowdie Ramblers, NSCS

Why Loyola?: The school had everything I wanted from classes to location!

Classification: Sophomore

Major: Psychology

Hometown: Saint Charles, Illinois

Favorite Chicago Spot: Gold Coast/Michigan Avenue

Favorite Welcome Week Event: Casino Night or the Trolley Tour!

Things you're involved in on campus: Student Ambassador

Why Loyola?: The campus is absolutely stunning and so is the atmosphere! I feel that being in the wonderful city of Chicago opens many doors and gives me many opportunities in the field of psychology. I like that I am close to home (but not too close!) and I like that Chicago feels like home, too. Loyola's facilities, faculty, students and connections are all the resources that I need to do well in my career here on campus.

Classification: Junior

Major: Computer Science and Political Science

Hometown: Atlanta, Georgia

Favorite Welcome Week Event: Taste of Chicago Trolley Ride

Things you're involved in on campus: I am a senator in Student Government, a sister in Alpha Delta Pi (Greek Life), and a student blogger for the Office of Undergraduate Admissions.

Why Loyola?: Two years ago, I took an immense leap of faith and chose to enroll at a university whose campus I had never set foot on, in a city I’d never before visited. From the moment I arrived, I felt a natural affinity for the place, the programs and the people. Immersed in an ethos that encourages community engagement and experiential learning, Loyola is undoubtedly the best decision I’ve ever made.

Classification: Sophomore

Major: Biology with Psychology Minor

Hometown: Pasadena, CA

Favorite Chicago Spot: Cubs stadium during a game is by far on of my favorite Chicago experiences! It's a must!!!

Favorite Welcome Week Event: Discover Your Chicago

Things you're involved in on Campus: I'm on Loyola Chicago Run Club, I am a part of Pre-Dental Association and I also work for the DFPA at the info desk!

Why Loyola?: I love Loyola because I get to be a part of city life where there is so much to do, so many new places to go, and an elders amount of restaurants to try! Not just the city but the students make Loyola a home a way from home. Loyola is a great community and you will definitely feel the warmth and comfort here that you can not get on any other campus!


Major: Global and International Studies and History, minors in Leadership Studies and Chinese

Hometown: Lakeville, Minnesota

Favorite Chicago Spot: Lao Sze Chuan in Chinatown

Favorite Welcome Week Event: The Trolley Ride! 

Things you're involved in on Campus: Delta Phi Lambda Sorority, Inc.; Karate Club; Loyola University Chicago Empowering Sisterhood; Mixed Heritage Union; the Honors Program; Multicultural Greek Council

Classification: Sophomore

Major: Psychology (History Minor)

Hometown: New Lenox, IL

Favorite Chicago Spot: Millennium Park/State Street/The Loop

Favorite Welcome Week Event: New Years Festival

Things you're involved in on campus: Department of Fine & Performing Arts

Why Loyola?: One of the best and most beautiful schools in Illinois and the US, wouldn't want to be anywhere else!

Classification: Senior

Major: Health Systems Management

Hometown: Lombard, IL

Favorite Chicago Spot: Michigan Avenue, Museum of Science and Industry, Millennium Park

Favorite Welcome Week Event: Trolley Tour and Hypnotist 

Things you're involved in on campus: Phi Sigma Sigma, SNAI-L, Panhellenic executive board, Colleges Against Cancer

Why Loyola?: Beautiful school in a big city!

Classification: Senior/Grad Student

Major: Applied Social Psychology

Hometown: Jiangxi, China/Barrington, IL

Favorite Welcome Week Event: Trolly Tours

Things you're involved in on campus: Alpha Chi Omega sorority, Mandarin Chinese Club, Chinese Student Association 

Why Loyola? I immediately fell in love with sense of community Loyola offers. Professors are beyond passionate about their field and take time to get to know their students and create professional relationships. I am proud to call Loyola my second home and honestly can’t imagine myself anywhere else!

Classification: Sophomore

Major: Global and International Studies with a minor in Biology on the pre-health track

Hometown: Woodridge, IL

Favorite Chicago Spot: Michigan Avenue and Chinatown!

Favorite Welcome Week Event: Fireworks following New Year's Festival

Things you're involved in on campus: Alpha Phi Omega, LUCES

Why Loyola?: I love the beautiful, scenic view of the lake Loyola has right at its disposal. 

Classification: Junior

Major: Nursing

Hometown: Hong Kong

Favorite Chicago Spot: Top 2: Roosevelt CTA for the sunset & Evanston.  

Favorite Welcome Week Event: Saturday of Service / Hypnotist Jim Wand

Things you're involved in on campus: Wellness Advocate, STARS mentor

Why Loyola? Loyola creates a supportive space for growth. Professors, staff and my peers constantly motivate me to be better by being brilliant and caring role models.  I saw my potentials and found my voice here. 

Classification: Sophomore

Major: Advertising and Public Relations

Hometown: Nashville, TN

Favorite Chicago Spot: Maggie Daley Ice Skating Ribbon

Things you're involved in on Campus: Public Relations Student Society of America, Chicago Election Coordinators, and Inaugural Class of the Leadership Students Program

Why Loyola?: I’ve always loved to explore my environment, and what better place to explore than a city that has a Ferris wheel, an ice-skating rink, and the Disney store within the same square mile?

Classification: Sophomore

Major: English

Hometown: Santa Rosa, CA

Favorite Chicago Spot: The Chicago Diner (aka the best Vegetarian restaurant in the world)

Favorite Welcome Week Event: The Chicago Trolley Tour!

Things you're involved in on campus: Student Worker at Cudahy Library, Member of the 9pm Mass Choir, CLC Leader

Why Loyola?: Loyola is such a diverse and welcoming community, full of incredibly wonderful people! The proximity to the city and Lake Michigan is stellar too!

Classification: Senior    

Major: Advertising/Public Relations with a minor in Finance & Marketing

Hometown: Toledo, OH

Favorite Chicago Spot: Chicago Pizza & Oven Grinder Company

Favorite Welcome Week Event: Comedy Show

Things you're involved in on campus: Beta Rho & Ad Club

Why Loyola?: The city of Chicago and everything it has to offer. 


Major: Biology

Hometown: Campbell, CA

Favorite Chicago Location: I love eating at Wildberry Cafe near Millennium Park, I always get short wait times and great food.

Favorite Welcome Week Event: The Target Run! I won a $100 Target gift card so it made it worth my time.

Things you're involved in on Campus: I'm on the rugby team, a senator on Student Government and on the Justice Committee, and I'm the Student Coordinator of a Theme Community.

Why Loyola?: I came to Loyola for the mid-sized Jesuit school education, the beauty of the campus and its proximity to Chicago, and also for the rugby.


Major: Biology

Hometown: Clinton Township, MI

Favorite Chicago Spot: North Avenue Beach

Favorite Welcome Week Event: Convocation

Things you're involved in on campus: Brothers 4 Excellence, African Student Alliance, Med Mentors, BCC, FYRE, Connect2Loyola

Why Loyola?: Great pre-Med program, Campus

Classification: Welcome Week Leaders 2016

Major: BBA/ Information System

Hometown: Skokie, IL

Favorite Chicago Spot: Chicago Bulls & Lou Malnati's Pizza

Favorite Welcome Week Event: Loyola Farmer’s Market  

Things you're involved in on campus: Information Systems & Operations Management Club, American Red Cross & South Asian Student Alliance

Why Loyola? Couple of reasons why I decided to attend Loyola University Chicago. First reason, I love the downtown campus, perfect to business students. It feels like we’re already into the game.  Second, Loyola dedicated to prepare students to lead an extraordinary career path, provides a strong social networking for undergraduate & graduate. Finally, it’s a Jesuit traditions make our academics more personal and connect with the community more than other universities.  

Classification: Senior

Major: Finance and Marketing

Hometown: Lake Zurich, IL

Favorite Chicago Spot: Maggie Daley Park

Favorite Welcome Week Event: The Trolley Tour

Things you're involved in on campus: Campus Ministry, Social Justice Fellow for LUROP, Student Leadership Development, and Women's Club Basketball

Why Loyola? Loyola allows me to make connections with students, professors, the greater Chicagoland community, and also the world (...literally)! From on campus events to career fairs, engaged learning courses, and study abroad programs, Loyola gives you the opportunity to experience it all. Get excited!


Hometown: Rochester, MI

Major: Environmental Science

Favorite Spot: The Fireplace Inn, in Old Town

Favorite Welcome Week Event: Saturday of Service

Other things I'm involved in: Student Government of Loyola Chicago, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Food Recovery Network

Why Loyola: Multitude of opportunities to get involved in a variety of different ways in the university

Meet our 2016 Welcome Week Graduate Intern!

Classification: Master of Science Candidate ‘16

Major: Higher Education Administration & Policy

Graduate Institution: Northwestern University

Undergraduate Institution: Northwestern University, B.S. Journalism & Political Science

Hometown: New Canaan, CT

Favorite Chicago Spot: Buckingham Fountain - great views of beautiful Lake Michigan and the downtown parks.

Welcome Week Event MOST Excited About: First Taste of Chicago! (and continuing to meet members of the Loyola community)

Meet our 2016 Welcome Week Graduate Intern!