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Unix Commands

To work on Loyola's Web server, Orion, you must know some basic Unix commands. All commands in Unix are case-sensitive. Use the appropriate case when typing commands and file names in Orion. The words, dir and file are emphasized to let you know when to type the specific directory or file name you wish to work with.

cdReturn to your home directory.
cd dirChange the directory.
cd ..Move up a directory level.
mkdir dirMake a directory.
pwdDisplay the current directory.
rmdir dirRemove (delete) a directory.
idDisplay information about yourID.
quotaDisplay your quota information.
man commandDisplay information on commands.
cp filepathCopy file to specified path
lsDisplay only the file name, listed in columns. Similar to the DOS "dir" command.
ls -lDisplay files in the "long" form.
ls -laDisplay files in the "long" form, including hidden files.
ls -la| moreDisplay one screen at a time.
more fileView a file.
pico fileText editor. Edit a specified file.
rm fileRemove (delete) a file.
chmod rights fileChange the rights for the file.*
chgrp group fileChange the group to which a file belongs.
passwdChange your password.

*"Rights" (or "permissions") give Internet users the ability to read (view), write (edit), and execute files and directories. To allow everyone access to read and execute your directory, use this command: chmod 755 dir. With this command, you solely retain the right to edit (or "write") the directory. If you want to give others in your group the same right, then use this command instead: chmod 775 dir.

To give everyone the right to read your file, use this command: chmod 644 file. With this command, you retain sole permission to write to the file. If you want to give others in your group the same right, then use this command instead: chmod 664 dir. With either command, you are publishing your file for the world to see.

PROGRAMS (Type in the name at the command line and press Enter to run these programs.)
picoText editor**
sz fileSendZmodem
telnet siteLogin to another computer on the Internet
ncftpFTP to another site

**Type pico file to edit that file on Orion.

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