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USGA Needs Your Help!

USGA is meant to be the voice of the students! We've taken your feedback and turned it into action. Here are some ways you can help us making your ideas happen:


Proposed Room Reservation Fee

This information was drawn from a drafted proposal written by members of Loyola's aministration and has not yet been approved or finalized.

Main Changes:

Setup Fees:

If you would like to use certain rooms on campus and you require a different arrangement in the space, you will be charged a setup fee to change the room from the standard default setup.  There is no charge if you use the room as is.

Cancellation Fees:

A penalty fee may be charged to student groups or university departments if Campus Reservations is not notified of the cancellation.  Failure to periodically respond to reminder will result in cancellation of the reservation.

For more information, consult USGA's Room Reservation Fact Sheet.Room Reservation Fact Sheet

What you can do:

To voice your concerns, email Tim McGuriman, Associate VP for Business Services at tmcguri@luc.edu, CC Julia Poirier at jpoirier@luc.edu, telling them how you feel.


Proposed Changes to RSO Promotional Opportunities and Restrictions

Registered Student Organizations (RSOs) exist at Loyola University of Chicago because they enhance the community and allow students to engage themselves and others in their passions. While the University works hard to maintain its facilities, RSOs are being inhibited from publically promoting their events due to restrictions, such as strict policies and limited availability in terms of space.

At Loyola University Chicago, events are not only created to educate one another on important topics or engage one another in one’s mission, but to facilitate friendship and community between students. Yet, there is no purpose for putting in all the hard work for an event unless people attend- a result directly influenced by an organization's ability to promote themselves and their events.

This issue could be improved by exploring new ways for RSOs to promote activities, including flat screens, additional bulletin boards, and adequate advertising space and venues in the new union. 

This petition has been completed. To view the page, click here:




Petition to Revist the New Meal Plan Proposal

In the fall, Aramark hopes to implement a new mandatory meal plan for all freshman and sophomores, who live on campus in residence halls. First and second year students will have two options: A 5-day plan (with $250 flex dollars) or 7-day plan (with $100 flex dollars). These all access meal plans provide students with a VIP pass to residential dining halls any time of day or night, during regular dining facility hours.

It is projected that the price of the cheapest available meal plan for next fall would cost the same as the most expensive meal plan offered today (i.e. the 19-meal per week plan would be the 5-day All Access Plan). Not only will it be mandatory for freshman and sophomore students to purchase one of the two new meal plans, but declining balance will not be offered to sophomores.

Due to the overwhelming student response, the Unified Student Government Association and Residence Hall Association have taken an active stance by listening to student concerns.

Therefore, the students of Loyola University Chicago call upon Dr. Robert Kelly, Vice President of Student Development, Cass Coughlin, Director for Residence Life, and Donna Quirk, Associate Vice President of Financial Administration and Compliance to reevaluate the new meal plan proposal due to serious student concern.

This petition has been completed. To view the page, click here:



For more ways to let your voice be heard, tweet to #jumponitUSGA.


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