Clubs, Activities, and Organizations

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Members of the Loyola Bike Club prepare to go on a ride

Find your niche at Loyola.

Many of your most memorable college experiences will take place outside the classroom. Make the most out of your time here by getting involved with student activities as soon as you arrive.

Whether you like cooking and gospel choir or politics and water polo, you can get involved at Loyola! Participate in any of our more than 250 student activities and organizations to enhance your resume, learn valuable leadership and organizational management skills, make new friends, and enjoy a richer college experience.

Different types of student activities on campus include:

  • Academic/honors organizations
  • Cultural/ethnic groups
  • Hobby/special interest groups
  • Media organizations
  • Political/social issues organizations
  • Service/spiritual groups
  • Student government/programming boards

You can also get involved with Greek life on campus by joining a fraternity or sorority.

There is no limit to what you can do at Loyola, and if a student activity or organization you're interested in doesn't exist, you can create your own!

Student Organization Fairs are held during the first week of each semester. This is a great way to learn about all the different student activities available at Loyola and get involved with the groups that interest you.

Check out the Student Activities and Greek Affairs website to learn more.

Loyola Greek Life

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Sorority & Fraternity Life at Loyola

Discover Greek Life at Loyola University Chicago! Undergraduate students who join a fraternity or a sorority make friends easily, get involved in the campus community, and participate in philanthropic activities.

Student Organization Fair

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Student Organization Fair

Check out the Loyola University Chicago Student Organization Fair, which is held every semester. This is a great way to explore different activities on campus and learn how you can get involved.

Loyola's Quidditch team

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Quidditch at Loyola

Harry Potter rules at Loyola. Check out our super popular Quidditch team in action!