Core Curriculum

The Foundation of your college academic career

The Core Curriculum is the foundation of Loyola’s strong liberal arts education. It encourages you to learn broadly by building the knowledge and skills necessary for lifelong success in today’s complex global society. You'll appreciate what our transformative liberal arts education instills in you—the ability to think and question, to discover meaning and purpose in your life, and to express yourself with eloquence and creativity.

To fulfill the University’s college requirements, undergraduates must complete their rigorous Core Curriculum requirements before they can graduate. We believe this provides you with a well-rounded education while giving you the opportunity to explore diverse subjects and cultivate new interests. More importantly, it prepares you to give back to your community, promote global justice, and make a tangible difference in the lives of others.

The Core emphasizes skills in communication, critical thinking, ethical awareness, information and technological literacy, quantitative and qualitative analysis, and research methods through a variety of courses spread across 10 areas of knowledge.

Learn more about Loyola’s Core Curriculum, its courses, requirements, and knowledge areas.