Transfer Credits

Want to know how college credit transfers at Loyola?

Loyola has developed transfer guides for many of the two-year colleges in Illinois. Students who wish to begin their education at an Illinois community college and then transfer to Loyola can determine which courses at the two-year school satisfy Loyola's Core Curriculum or specific college requirements. To see a complete list of these community colleges with links to the transfer credit information, please view our transfer guides. Students can transfer a maximum of 64 credits from a two-year college to Loyola.

About half of the students who transfer to Loyola each year previously attended four-year schools or community colleges outside of Illinois. Although we do not have transfer credit guides available for these schools, Loyola does accept academic courses from regionally accredited colleges and universities to satisfy Core Curriculum and major requirements. Descriptions of the courses that satisfy Loyola's Core Curriculum requirements are available online.

All students must satisfy the residency requirement to receive a bachelors degree from Loyola. Students must take their final, uninterrupted 45 hours of instruction or a minimum of 64 hours in residence at Loyola University Chicago.