Pre-Professional Programs

Thinking about becoming a doctor? Lawyer? Engineer?

Pre-Health Advising

While Loyola does not offer either a pre-med or pre-health major, we do offer an extensive and professional advising program. If you're considering a health profession, the Office of Pre-Health Advising is a resource you can use to help guide you on your quest. Some of the services available to you include an extensive resource library, a variety of workshops to help prepare you for medical school interviews, MCAT preparation, and a streamlined application process. You’ll also be able to participate in the Loyola Pre-Health Professions Committee. The Committee is comprised of advising staff, Loyola faculty, and other staff members to provide a series of workshops and advising to help you apply to professional schools.


You can also participate in a pre-law internship in and around the city. In doing so, you can earn course credit and gain real-world experience at law firms, government agencies, and nonprofits. Pre-law advisors host information sessions and on-campus programming as well as one-on-one advising.

Loyola permits a limited number of well-qualified students to enter the School of Law after completing their junior year. The 3-3 Accelerated Admission Program allows students to complete their bachelor’s and law (JD) degrees more quickly than if they were to pursue each individually. The program is limited to Loyola undergraduates (regardless of major).

Dual-Degree Engineering

In the dual-degree engineering program, you will take your basic foundation courses in math and science as a physics major for your first three years of study. Then, you will complete the final two years of your degree at an affiliated engineering school. Loyola has formal affiliations with Washington University and Columbia University, but students have also completed their degrees at the University of Illinois, University of Michigan, and Northwestern University.

Dual Acceptance Pharmacy

Loyola and the Chicago College of Pharmacy of Midwestern University have partnered to offer incoming freshmen an opportunity to assure themselves a spot in a professional pharmacy program. Once accepted to both programs, students will complete two years of prerequisites at Loyola, then matriculate to the Chicago College of Pharmacy to begin the four-year Doctor of Pharmacy program. This program is for incoming freshmen only.