Majors by School or College

Loyola University Chicago's undergraduate majors, sorted by school

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Major degree programs in bold
Major concentrations in italics

College of Arts and Sciences

Actuarial Science (Minor)

Anthropology (BA, BS)

Art History (BS)

Asian Languages and Literatures (Minor)

Asian Studies (Minor)

Bioethics (Minor)

Bioinformatics (BS)

Biology (BS)
  Molecular Biology (BS)

Biophysics (BS)

Biostatistics (Minor)

Black World Studies (BA)

Catholic Studies (Minor)

Ceramics (BA)

Chemistry (BA, BS)           

Biochemistry (BS)

Classical Civilization (BA)

Communications Networks and Security (BS)

Comparative Literature (Minor)

Computer Crime and Forensics (Minor)

Computer Science (BS)

Criminal Justice and Criminology (BS)

Dance (Minor)

Drawing and Painting (BA)

Economics (BA)

English (BA)

Environmental Action and Leadership (Minor)

Environmental Science (Minor)

Environmental Science (BS)

Environmental Studies (BA)

Ethics and Moral Philosophy (Minor)

Forensic Science (BS)

French (BA)

Greek (Ancient) (BA)

History (BA)

Human Services (BS)

Information Technology (B.S.)

International Film and Media Studies (BA)
  Media Studies

International Studies (BA)

Islamic World Studies (Minor)

Italian (BA)

Latin (BA)

Latin American Studies (Minor)

Literature in Translation (Minor)

Mathematics (BS)

Mathematics and Computer Science (BS)

Mathematics Education (BS)

Medieval Studies (Minor)

Music (BA)

Musical Theatre (Minor)

Natural Science (Minor)

Neuroscience (Minor)

Operations Research (Minor)

Pastoral Leadership (Minor)

Peace Studies (Minor)

Philosophy (BA)
  Social Justice


Physics (BS)

Physics and Computer Science (BS)

Physics and Engineering

Political Science (BA)

Polish Studies (Minor)

Psychology (BS)
  Human Services
  Natural Sciences
  Social Sciences

Psychology of Crime and Justice (Minor)

Religious Studies (BA)

Rome Studies (Minor)

Sociology (BA)

Sociology and Anthropology (BA)

Software Development (BS)

Spanish (BA)

Statistics (BS)

Studio Art (BA)

Theatre (BA)

Theology (BA)

Theoretical Physics and Applied Mathematics (BS)

Urban Studies (Minor)

Visual Communication (BA)

Women’s Studies and Gender Studies (BA)


Quinlan School of Business

Accounting (BBA)

Economics (BBA)

Entrepreneurship (BBA)

Finance (BBA)

Human Resource Management (BBA)

Information Systems (BBA)

International Business (BBA)

Management (BBA)

Marketing (BBA)

Operations Management (BBA)

Sport Management (BBA)


School of Communication

Advertising and Public Relations (BA)

Communication Studies (BA)
  New and Digital Media
  Advocacy and Social Change 

Journalism (BA)


School of Continuing and Professional Studies

Emergency Medical Systems (Minor)

Exercise Physiology (BS)

Managerial Arts and Leadership (BA)


School of Education

Bilingual/Bicultural Education K-9 (BSEd)

Early Childhood/Special Education (BSEd)

Elementary Education K-9 (BSEd)

Mathematics Education (BSEd)

Science Education K-9 (BSEd)

Secondary Education: 6-12 and Foreign Languages: K-12 (BSEd)

Special Education: K-12, Learning Behavior Specialist I (BSEd)


School of Nursing

Health Systems Management (BS)

Nursing (BSN)

Accelerated BSN


School of Social Work

Social Work (BSW)


Five-Year Programs, All Schools and Colleges

BBA/MBA Business Administration

BBA/MSA Accountancy

BA Advertising and Public Relations/MS Integrated Marketing Communications

BS Biology/MBA

BS Biology/Med Secondary Education

BS Computer Science/MS Information Technology

BS Computer Science/MS Software Engineering

BS/MA Criminal Justice

BS/MA English

BS Environmental Sciences/MBA

BBA/MSISM Information Systems Management

BS/MS Mathematics

BS Mathematics and Computer Science

BA Physics/MEd Secondary Education

BA/MA Political Science

BS Psychology / MA Applied Social Psychology

BSW/MSW Social Work

BA/MA Sociology


Pre-Professional Programs

Dual Acceptance Pharmacy

Dual-Degree Engineering