AP Guidelines

The program is designed primarily for high school seniors. Examinations are held in 13 academic areas: biology, chemistry, classical studies, computer science, economics, English, fine arts, history, mathematics, modern languages, physics, political science, and psychology. They are designed, scheduled, and graded by the College Entrance Examinations Board, and official results are sent to the school(s) specified in July. Scores are assigned on a scale of one to five, with five being the highest score. Determination for which course or courses the student will receive AP credit is made by the academic departments. The information is entered on the student’s academic record provided that the student has been accepted and enrolled as a degree candidate.

Details concerning the Advanced Placement Program are available through high school counselors or by contacting:

Advanced Placement Program
P.O. Box 6671
Princeton, NJ 08541-6671

Scores, Credits, and Courses

Scores lower than those listed below will not be accepted for credit at Loyola.

Note: For International Baccalaureate credit guidelines, click here. For CLEP guidelines, click here.

SubjectScore RequirementCourse Equivalent
Biology 4, 5 8 hrs/BIOL 101/111 and BIOL 102/112
Chemistry 4, 5 8 hrs/ CHEM 105 and CHEM 106, or CHEM 101/111 and 102/112
Classical Studies (Latin: Vergil) 3, 4, 5 3 hrs/LATN 284
Computer Science (A Exam) 4, 5 3 hrs/COMP 170
Economics (Micro) 4, 5 3 hrs/ECON 201
Economics (Macro) 4, 5 3 hrs/ECON 202
English (English Language) 4, 5 3 hrs/UCWR 110
English (English Literature) 4, 5 3 hrs/UCLR 100 (effective Fall 2014)
Environmental Science 4, 5 3 hrs/UCSF 137/ENVS 137 (effective Fall 2014)
Fine Arts (Art History) 5 6 hrs/FNAR 200 and FNAR 201
Fine Arts (Art History) 3, 4 3 hrs/FNAR 200
Fine Arts (Music Theory) 5 6 hrs/MUSC 144 and MUSC 244
Fine Arts (Music Theory) 3, 4 3 hrs/MUSC 144
History (European) 4, 5 6 hrs/HIST 101 and HIST 102
History (European) 3 3 hrs/HIST 102*
History (U.S.) 4, 5 6 hrs/HIST 211 and HIST 212
History (U.S.) 3 3 hrs/HIST 212**
History (World History) 4, 5 6 hrs/HIST 101 and HIST 204
History (World History) 3 3 hrs/HIST 204***
Mathematics (Calculus AB Exam) 4, 5 4 hrs/MATH 161
Mathematics (Calculus BC Exam) 4, 5 8 hrs/MATH 161 and MATH 162
Mathematics (Calculus BC: AB Subscore) 4, 5 4 hrs/MATH 161
Mathematics (Statistics) 4, 5 3 hrs/STAT 103
Modern Language (Chinese/French/
Spanish Language/Culture)
4, 5 6 hrs/CHIN/FREN/GERM/ITAL/JAPN/SPAN 250 and 251
Modern Language (Chinese/French/German/
Italian/Japanese/Spanish Language/Culture)
Modern Language (Spanish Literature) 4, 5 6 hrs/SPAN 270 and SPAN 271
Physics (Exam B) 4, 5 6 hrs/PHYS 111 and PHYS 112.No lab credit.
Physics (Exam C/Electricity and Magnetism) 4, 5 3 hrs/PHYS 112K. No lab credit.
Physics (Exam C/Mechanics) 4, 5 3 hrs/PHYS 111K. No lab credit.
Political Science (Government/Politics U.S.) 4, 5 3 hrs/PLSC 101
Political Science (Government/Politics Comparative) 4, 5 3 hrs/300-level elective in comparative politics subfield of major
Psychology 4, 5 3 hrs/PSYC 101

NA = not applicable (i.e. no exam in that area

*    Students who received a 3 in European History may petition to receive credit in HIST 101 (instead of 102).

**  Students who received a 3 in U.S. History may petition to receive credit in HIST 211 (instead of 212).

***Students who received a 3 in World History may petition to receive credit in HIST 101 (instead of 204).

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