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Accreditation Marian Claffey /accreditation
Achieving College Excellence Monica Cohen /ace
Admission /admission.shtml
School of Continuing & Professional Studies Patty Sheehy /adult-education
Advancement Brendan Keating /advancement
Advancement and Development Jesse Goodman /advdev
Academic Advising Brian Keiller /advising
Advancement Division Orientation Portal Jesse Goodman /advorientation
African Studies Brian Endless /africanstudies
Loyola Alert UMC Web Team /alert
Alpha Sigma Nu Curtis Main /alphasigmanu
Alumni Weekend Brendan Keating /alumniweekend
Anthropology Thea Strand /anthropology
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University Archives & Special Collections Kathryn Young /archives
Arrupe Wendolyn Gomez /arrupe
Arch Madness Lauren Krause /archmadness
Asian Studies John Pincince /asianstudies
Key Facts at a Glance Steve Christensen /ataglance
Athlete Advising Patricia Hoffmann /athleteadvising
Avian Flu UMC /avianflu
Avanti! Aaron Cooper /avanti
A-Z Index UMC Web Team /a-zindex
Banking at Loyola Rebecca Gomez /banking
The Beijing Center for Chinese Studies Elaina Mack /beijingcenter
Bereavement Notices Steve Christensen /bereavementnotice
Bioethics Jennifer Parks /bioethics
Bioinformatics Catherine Putonti /bioinformatics
Biology Frank Inglima /biology
Biology Virginia Lorenzo (2) /biology
Biophysics Asim Gangopadhyaya /biophysics
Board of Trustees Donna Curin /boardoftrustees
Bridge to Loyola /bridge
Bursar John Campbell /bursar
Business Intelligence /businessintelligence
Campus Reservations Margaret Aust /campus_reservations
Campus Reservations Jennie Clemens /campus_reservations
Campus Card Kathleen Steinfels /campuscard
Campus Life /campus_community.shtml
Campus Ministry Steve Betancourt /campusministry
Campus Recreation Marc Rehula /campusrec
Campus Transportation Nick Memisovski /campustransportation/
Career Development Center Kerri Slezak /career
College of Arts & Sciences Maria Lettiere /cas
Catering Leah Spiker /catering
Center for Catholic Healthcare Leadership /catholichealthleaders
Catholic Studies Dr Michael Murphy /catholicstudies
Choice. Control. Character Natasha Mmeje /ccc
Center for Comparative Education Marie Hatland /cce
Center for Catholic Intellectual Heritage Gabija Steponenaite /ccih
Center for Criminal Justice Research, Policy, and Practice Arthur Stone /ccj
Coordinated Community Response Team Stephanie Atella /ccrt
Conference on Diversity & Equity 2014 Curtis Main /cde2014
Cultural and Educational Policy Studies Graduate Student Association Marie Hatland /cgsa/
Office of the Chancellor /chancellor
Chemistry Denise Hall /chemistry
Children's Memory and Learning Catherine Haden /childrensmemory
Center for Human Rights of Children Swapna Pisipati /chrc
University Christmas Reception Danielle Hanson /christmas
CITM2013 Bruce Montes /citm2013
Classical Studies Laura Gawlinski /classicalstudies
The Collectio Avellana Alexander Evers /collectioavellana
Commencement Kathy Altonji /commencement
Commencement 2015 Drew Sottardi /commencement2015
Community Relations Summur Roberts /communityrelations
Community Action Scholarship /communityscholarship
Community Scholarship Application /communityscholarshipapplication
Conference Services Daphne Stojiljkovic /conference
Convocation Bridget Wesley /convocation
Cooler by the Lake Lenzlee Wheeler /coolerbythelake
Copyright at LUC Sarah Dysart /copyright
Core Jobeth D'Agostino /core
Corporate Engagement Janet Deatharage /corporate
Course Descriptions John Drevs /coursedescriptions
Courses John Drevs /courses
Chicagoland Partners for English Language Learners Marie Hatland /cpell
CPELL-1 Marie Hatland /cpell1
UMC Creative Request Ross Zafar /creativerequest
Criminal Justice Don Stemen /criminaljustice
Crossings and Dwellings /crossings
Computer Science George Thiruvathukal /cs
Center for Science & Math Education James Hyde /cse
Center for School Evaluation, Intervention & Training Marie Hatland /cseit
Conference on the Study of Religions of India (CSRI) Tracy Pintchman /csri
Center for Transitional Research & Education Rody Abdelrahman /ctre
Center for Textual Studies and Digital Humanities Steven Jones /ctsdh
Center for Textual Studies and Digital Humanities George Thiruvathukal /ctsdh
Cuneo Mansion & Gardens Daphne Stojiljkovic /cuneo
Center for Urban Research and Learning Teresa Neumann /curl
Custom CSS Folder Stephen Ravenscraft /customcss
Custom JS Folder John Drevs /customjs
Damen Society Premier Honor Roll Brendan Keating /damenpremierhonorroll
Damen Student Center Bryan Goodwin /damenstudentcenter
DFPA: Dance April Browning /dance
Democracy, Culture and Catholicism International Research Project Michael Schuck /dccirp
Department of Fine and Performing Arts April Browning /dfpa
Digital Media Services Nick Liberatore /digitalmedia
Digital Screen Request Steve Christensen /digitalscreens
Directories UMC /directories
Student Diversity & Multicultural Affairs Lauren Dennis /diversity
Diversity and Inclusion John Drevs /diversityandinclusion
Office of the Dean of Students Tim Love /dos
Dual Credit Dave Maly /dualcredit
Earth Day Summur Roberts /earthday
E-Communications Lenzlee Wheeler /ecommunications
ECM Jim Sibenaller /ecm
School of Education Marie Hatland /education
Emeriti Faculty Caucuas Maria Lettiere /emeriti
Emergency Medical Services Program Timothy Cunningham /ems
Engaged Learning Jobeth D'Agostino /engagedlearning
Engineering Science Jacquelyn Foster /engineeringscience
English Stephen Heintz /english
Environmental Services William Curtin /environmentalservices
ERP UMC Web Team /erp
ESL Steven Fehr /esl
Enrollment Systems, Research and Reporting /esrr
European Studies Minor /europeanstudies
Excellence Awards Curtis Main /excellenceawards
Weekend of Excellence Marian Claffey /excellenceweekend/
Center for Experiential Learning Patrick Green /experiential
Faculty Council Timothy Classen /faccouncil
Facilities Hamlet Gonzalez /facilities
Faculty Web Pages /faculty
Faculty Authors /facultyauthors
Family Weekend Curtis Main /familyweekend
Faculty Center for Ignatian Pedagogy Ryan Crisp /fcip
Fellowship Office Lisa Knepshield /fellowshipoffice
Financial Aid Office Dave Maly /finaid
Financial Aid Office Lizette Yackle /finaid
Finance Rebecca Gomez /finance
DFPA: Fine Arts April Browning /finearts
The first week in review.. in pictures Drew Sottardi /firstweekgallery
Footer Web Team /footer
Forensic Science Program Garry Bombard /forensicscience
Forms /forms
Focus of Teaching and Learning Sarah Dysart /fotl
Founders' Dinner Aaron Cooper /founders
Founders' Dinner /founders
First and Second Year Advising Mia StClair /fsya
First and Second Year Advising Mario Salgado /fsya
Gannon Center for Women and Leadership Casey Allison /gannon
Gartner @ Loyola /gartner
Greeley Center for Catholic Education Sharon Smith /gcce
German Studies Minor Reinhard Andress /germanstudies
Giving to Loyola Brendan Keating /giving
LUMA - Edward Gorey Exhibition /gorey
Graduate Professional Enrollment Ann Talbot /gpem
The Graduate School Stephanie Augustine /gradschool
Landing Pages Danielle Pernini /graduate/landingpages
Graduate Application Template /graduateapplicationtemplate
Healthy Homes & Healthy Communities David Treering /healthyhomes
Help Desk Alison Stillwell /helpdesk
High Impact Learning Maria Lettiere /highimpactlearning
History Kyle Roberts /history
Holiday E-Card Central Lenzlee Wheeler /holidayecards/
Honors Lorri Walsh /honors
Human Resources Danielle Hanson /hr
HR Benefits Tamika Love /hr/benefits
LUC & Me Jorene Richards /hr/mentoring
Training & Development Jorene Richards /hr/training.shtml
Health Systems Management Rody Abdelrahman /hsm
The HUB /hub
Human Services Layla Suleiman Gonzalez /humanservices
Hunger Week Megan Barry /hungerweek
Richard J Klarchek Information Commons Paul Voelker /ic
Individual Development and Educational Assessment Paige Myers /idea
Ignatian Heritage Month Chris Murphy /ihm
Ignatian Heritage Month 2015 Chris Murphy /ihm2015
Trip to El Salvador inspires student to share experience with others Chris Murphy /ihminterior/
International Jesuit Ecology Project Christine Wolff /ijep
Infant & Early Childhood Cognition Lab Kathleen Kannass /infantchild
Inside Government Phil Hale /insidegovernment
Institutional Review Board /institutionalreviewboard
International Studies, Interdisciplinary Program Tracy Pintchman /international
International Admission /internationaladmission
Institute of Pastoral Studies Gosia Czelusniak /ips
Office of Institutional Research Fraser Turner /ir
Institutional Review Board /irb
Interreligious and Interfaith Studies Minor Maria Lettiere /irif
Islamic World Studies Marcia Hermansen /islamic
International Students & Scholars Tami Renner /iss
Italian American Program Brendan Keating /italianamerican
ITRS Jennifer Tyler /itrs
ITRS Tim Walker /itrs
Information Technology Services Bob Kraft /its
January Term 2014 (J-Term) Maria Lettiere /januaryterm
January Term 2014 (J-Term) Jobeth D'Agostino /januaryterm
Insieme Per Il Futuro Aaron Cooper /jfrc_campaign
Lakefront Property /lakefront-property
Children's Language, Memory & Cognition Denise Davidson /langmem
Latin American Studies Program Hector Garcia /latinamericanstudies
School of Law Arthur Stone /law
Student Leadership Development Cecilia Macias /leadership
Learning Community Clair McDonald /learningcommunity
Loyola Lectures Patrick Kelly /lectures
Lenzlee-Test Lenzlee Wheeler /lenzlee
DFPA Lessons and Carols April Browning /lessonsandcarols
English Tutoring at the Literacy Center Jacqueline Heckman /literacy
Language Learning Resource Center David Pankratz /llrc
LOCUS Training Casey Hendricks /locustraining
Loyola Experience /loyolaexperience
Loyola Media Nick Liberatore /loyolamedia
Loyola on the Road Brendan Keating /loyolaontheroad
LUMA Mallory Bolin /luma
Loyola Undergraduate Research Opportunities Kevin Kaufmann /lurop
MAP Matters Brendan Keating /mapmatters
Mathematics and Statistics Aaron Lauve /math
Ronald E. McNair Postbaccalaureate Achievement Program Marcela Gallegos /mcnair
McNamara Center Stephanie DeCaluwe /mcnamaracenter
Madonna Della Strada Weddings Steve Betancourt /mdsweddings
Medieval Studies Jackie Long /medieval
Melbourne Conference Patrick Kelly /melbourne
Melbourne Conference ES Patrick Kelly /melbourne-es
Melbourne Conference FR Patrick Kelly /melbourne-fr
Department of Military Science (Army ROTC) Christopher Clay /militaryscience
Mission and Identity Chris Murphy /mission
Mission, Vision, and Promise /missionvisionandpromise
Midwest Modern Language Association Linda Winnard /mmla
Loyola Mobile Chris Line /mobileapp
Modern Languages Heather Crews /modernlang
DFPA: Music April Browning /music
Neuroscience Minor Raymond Dye Jr. /neuroscience
University Newsroom Steve Christensen /news
Marcella Niehoff School of Nursing Rody Abdelrahman /nursing
Outdoor Experiential Education Megan Morris /oee
Off Campus Living Tina Garcia /offcampus
Office for International Programs Tessa Angell /oip
Loyola: One to One Drew Sottardi /oneonone
Sullivan Center for Student Services /onestop
Online Learning Jobeth D'Agostino /online
Orientation Dave Maly /orientation
Rambler reflections Drew Sottardi /orientationgallery
Office of Research Services /ors
Office of Student Conduct & Conflict Resolution Brian Houze /osccr
Paralegal Studies Jennifer Gettings /paralegal-studies
Loyola Pattern Library UMC Web Team /patternlibrary
Peace Studies Linda Heath /peace
Philanthropy and Nonprofit Sector Certificate Program Ivan Medina /philanthropy
Department of Philosophy Lucas Abramson /philosophy
Physics Jonathan Bougie /physics
Professional Issues and Ethics Research (psychology) /pier-dev
Capital Planning UMC Web Team /planning
Project Management @ Loyola Roni Rivera /pmo
University Policies Vivian Xu /policy
Polish Studies Bozena Mc Lees /polishstudies
Political Science Nora Rybarczyk /politicalscience
Pope Francis Visits the United States Drew Sottardi /popefrancis
Pre-Health Lizette Yackle /prehealth
Pre-Law Advising Harveen Mann /prelaw
Preschool Beverly Donovan /preschool
President's Office Lorraine Fitzgerald /president
Presidential Search John Drevs /presidentialsearch
The President's Medallion Drew Sottardi /presidents-medallion
PROLAW Arthur Stone /prolaw
Psychology Anne Sutter /psychology
Psychology - Clinical Track Grayson Holmbeck /psychology/clinical.shtml
Purchasing Rebecca Gomez /purchasing
Quinlan School of Business Anne Divita Kopacz /quinlan
Quinlan Campaign Anne Divita Kopacz /quinlancampaign
Race Exhibit Kathleen Maas Weigert /raceexhibit
Rambler Buzz Steve Christensen /ramblerbuzz
A True Student Union Drew Sottardi /recap-damen-center.shtml
Sucess Stories Drew Sottardi /recentgraduates
Council of Regents Donna Curin /regents
Registration and Records Maria Munoz /regrec
Residence Life Clair McDonald /reslife
Loyola Responds Brendan Keating /responds
Retreat & Ecology Campus Daphne Stojiljkovic /retreatcampus
RFI /rfi.html
Ricci Scholars /ricci
Rome Center Paula DeVoto /rome
Rome Studies Minor Cristina Lombardi /romestudies
Shareholder Advocacy Committee Rebecca Gomez /sac
Campus Safety Tim Cunningham /safety
Student Activities & Greek Affairs (SAGA) /saga
Scholarship Campaign Brendan Keating /scholarshipcampaign
The stories behind the sculptures Drew Sottardi /sculpturesgallery
Search /search
Second Level Pages /secondlevelpages
Second Year Experience Shannon Howes /secondyear
SEIU Faculty Union Petition /seiupetition
Community Service & Action Megan Barry /serve
Resources /services_resources.shtml
Student Government of Loyola Chicago Curtis Main /sglc
Minor in Shakespeare Studies /shakespeare
Site Backgrounds Brittany Davidson /sitebackgrounds
Student Life & Engagement Curtis Main /sle
School of Communication Andi Pacheco /soc
School of Social Work / SSW Jazmyn Holley /socialwork
Sociology Stephanie DeCaluwe /sociology
Sponsored Program Accounting Becky Gomez /spa
Services for Students with Disabilities Rebecca Ramirez-Malagon /sswd
University Staff Council Ariana Lewis /staffcouncil
Maroon & Gold Standards of Excellence Jorene Richards /standards
Stand Up Katherine Tyson /standup-dev
Student Transitions and Outreach Martin Finnie /sto
Strategic Planning Lorraine Fitzgerald /strategicplanning
Division of Student Development Curtis Main /studentdevelopment
Career Centers /students/careers
Study Abroad Tessa Angell /studyabroad
Student Complex Curtis Main /studentcomplex
Summer Sessions Maria Lettiere /summer
Summer Scholars Omega Styles /summerscholars
Institute of Environmental Sustainability David Treering /sustainability
Terminal Four UMC Web Team /t4
T4 102 UMC Web Team /t4102
TechConnect /techconnect
Technology Roadmap Allison Stillwell /technologyroadmap
The Green Initiative Fund (TGIF) Curtis Main /tgif
DFPA: Theatre April Browning /theatre
Theology Randy Newman /theology
Devon-Sheridan Tax Increment Financing (TIF) District Jennifer Clark /tif
Alumni Wall Initiative Aaron Cooper /tilesforrome
Timeline Brittany Davidson /timeline
Target New Transitions /tnt
Transformative Education Lorraine Fitzgerald /transformativeed
Center for Tutoring & Academic Excellence Sara Provis /tutoring
UISO /uiso
University Marketing & Communication Katie Hession /umc
Undergraduate /undergrad
Landing Pages Danielle Pernini /undergraduate/landingpages
University Senate Sarah Dysart /universitysenate
CTA U-Pass Bryan Goodwin /upass
USF Seminar /usfseminar
Military Veteran Student Services Anita Lumpkin /veterans
Visit Loyola /visit.shtml
Voter Information /vote
Web Bob Kraft /web
Webcams John Drevs /webcams
Welcome Week Brian Houze /welcomeweek
Wellness Center Mary Duckett /wellness
Women and Leadership Archives Nancy Freeman /wla
Winter 2015 Drew Sottardi /winter2015
Wolf + Kettle Council /wolf+kettle
Writing Center Amy Kessel /writing
Women's Studies and Gender Studies Betsy Hemenway /wsgs
Water Tower Campus Life Kevin Bryant /wtcl
30 Days of Iggy Steve Betancourt /30daysofiggy
Alumni *iModules Jesse Goodman /alumni *iModules
Inside Loyola Steve Christensen http://blogs.luc.edu/ilweekly/
JFRC Alumni *iModules Jesse Goodman /jfrcalumni *iModules
JFRC Campaign Brendan Keating /jfrcalumni
Health Sciences Divisions Rody Abdelrahman hsd.luc.edu
Stritch School of Medicine Rody Abdelrahman stritch.luc.edu
DIR Jackie Long /roman-emperors
Scale Up Stacy Wenzel /scaleup
Teaching with Primary Sources (redirect) Marie Hatland * /tps
Google Master Web Tools Patrick Kelly /google28a1b1a332bba97f.html
Google Master Web Tools Patrick Kelly /google35003f2e565f46c4.html
Google Master Web Tools Patrick Kelly /googlea1bce47034f93817.html
Google Master Web Tools Patrick Kelly /googlef20af5ec1bfbb1a6.html
Google Master Web Tools Patrick Kelly /googlehostedservice.html
Rome Start Maria Aulisa /undergrad/admission/romestart/