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Color Palette

Our palette embodies the history of Ignatius—red and gold were the colors of the House of Loyola— a­s well as the University’s setting along Lake Michigan and in Chicago. In addition, the palette reflects Lakeside campus design/architecture guidelines created in 2008. The limited palette, used with generous white space, allows authentic photography and other graphic elements to shine. Text, especially in print, should be black, with color thoughtfully used to guide viewers through content on a page or related pages.

Best practice: Tips for strong design in print

Let it breathe
Used properly, generous white space draws attention in a crowded marketplace, drawing attention to the message. Do not allow visual clutter—unprecise graphics, too many photographs, or too many design elements—to obscure your content.

Use the right type
Use a disciplined typographic hierarchy and stick with it. Consistency is critical in creating user expectation.

Respect the University’s official logo and affiliated marks
The Loyola lockup represents all of us. Treat it well by anchoring it should the strongest positions—typically lower right as a footprint in printed material or upper left in electronic presentation.


University Marketing & Communication
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