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University Marketing & Communication

University Brand Policy

I. Identity and philosophy

A. We are Loyola

1. Our unified voice

2. Our brand position

a. Mission
b. Vision
c. Promise

3. Our personality

a. Bold
b. Confident
c. Insightful
d. Helpful
e. Related: Gallery of sample brand ads

4. Our unifying elements

a. The Loyola seal
b. The Loyola lockup
c: Best practices: Using the lockup
d: Best practices: Common mistakes

B. How we present ourselves

1. Our integrated style

a. Honest
b. Clear
c. Consistent
d. Compelling
e. Best practice: Strike the right tone for the audience
f.  University style policy for writers
g. University style policy for social media

2. Our look and feel

a. Color palette
+ Best practice: Strong design in print

b. Typography

c. Images (photos+videos)
+ Best practice: Common crutches to avoid

d. Graphic style

II. University channels in practice

A. Printed material
            1. Common elements
                        a. Paper selection
                        b. Sustainability
                                    i. Terms and explanations
                                    ii. UMC recommendations
                        c. Indecia
            2. Loyola Standard Suite
                        a. Business card
                        b. Stationery
                        c. Note cards
                        d. Folder (2-pocket)

            3. Loyola Standard Collateral
                        i. Postcard
                        ii. Invitations
                        iii. Program
                        iv. Brochure (Trifold)
                        v. Flier (Letter)
                        vi. Poster (24x36)
                        vii. Long-form publications
            4. Other
                        i. Microsoft Word
                        ii. Microsoft Publisher

B. Electronic material
            1. LUC.edu (See pattern library)
            2. E-mail
                        i. E-invitation
                        ii. E-blasts
                        iii. E-newsletter
            3. PowerPoint

C. Other
            1. Environmental
                        i. Banner
                        ii. Table skirt
                        iii. Plaque
                        iv. Podium
                        v. Wayfinding

            2. Merchandise
                        i. Mugs/cups/bottles
                        ii. Apparel
                        iii. Pens
                        iv. Tchotchkes

A. Variations of the Loyola lockup
            1. Color
            2. Black-and-white

B. Named-school sub-brands
            1. Quinlan School of Business
            2. Stritch School of Medicine
            3. Marcella Niehoff School of Nursing

C. Shared brands
            1. Rambler Athletics
            2. Loyola Museum of Art
            3. Family Business Center
            4. Cuneo Mansion and Gardens
            5. John Felice Rome Center
            6. Newhart Family Theater

D. Other marks
            1. Paw print
            2. L
            3. The Loyola Experience (undergraduates)

E. Miscellaneous
            1. Font licensing
            2. BOT Architectural policy
            3. Our commitment to sustainability
            4. Guidance: University business cards
            5. ADA visibility guidelines


University Marketing & Communication
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Notice of Non-discriminatory Policy