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USE VPN with Mozilla Firefox

  1. Connect to the VPN
  2. Terminate the connection

Mozilla Firefox initiating VPN connection   

1. Using Mozilla Firefox, navigate to https://vpn.luc.edu. You may be prompted to choose a digital certificate. This is a bug within Windows, and you should click Cancel. It is requesting a certificate for Internet Explorer to use, even though you are not using Internet Explorer. Click Cancel.



Arrival at the VPN login screen confirms the workstation satisfies the prerequisites and completion of the one-time client installation.  If you do not have antivirus software installed, you will need to install antivirus software.  A free antivirus program for non-commercial use can be found at http://free.grisoft.com.

 2. Enter your UVID and password, then click Logon.


3. On the ‘Home’ page, click on the link entitled "REMOTE NETWORK ACCESS(VPN)".



4. A small window will appear showing your network status.

 5. This small window maintains your VPN connection and must remain open for the duration of your stay.  It should automatically minimize to your taskbar. You may double-click the tray icon at any time to review your connection status and summary.



6. To terminate your VPN session, simply click the ‘terminate’ link as shown in the figure in Step 4. Logging out will return you to VPN portal.



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