Loyola University Chicago

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Tutor-Led Study Halls

Last Updated 2/1/2016


Abbreviations used in table below:

  • LSC: Lake Shore Campus
  • WTC: Water Tower Campus
  • LLRC: Language Learning Resource Center
  • CTAE: Center for Tutoring and Academic Excellence
  • MPR: Multi-Purpose Room

How it Works:

  • Walk-In: No appointment needed!
  • Make sure to have all relevant materials: Textbooks, articles, assignments, calculator/laptop, etc.
  • Please bring other homework to work on while waiting for a tutor.

Lake Shore Campus


Chem 101-226

Monday 4-7:30p LSC Simpson MPR
  Wednesday 4-7p LSC Simpson MPR
Math 100-263 (Except 108) Thursday 4-7p LSC Simpson MPR
  Thursday 6-9p LSC Simpson MPR
Nursing Monday 4-7p LSC Simpson MPR


Foreign Language                                                                                                                                                                                   
Spanish  Monday/Thur 5-8p LSC Simpson MPR
   Tuesday 5-9p  LSC Simpson MPR
  Wednesday 4-7p LSC LLRC
 Arabic Wednesday 2-4p  LSC LLRC
  Thursday 4-6p  LSC LLRC
 Italian Monday 1-4p LSC LLRC
  Tues/Wed/Thur 11:30-2:15p LSC LLRC
Polish Wednesday 4-7p  LSC LLRC
  Thursday 12-2:30p LSC LLRC
Japanese   Tues/Wed/Thur  3-6p LSC LLRC
 Chinese Monday 4-7p  LSC LLRC
  Friday 1-4p  LSC LLRC 
German Monday 6-8p  LSC Simpson MPR
  Wednesday 4-7p  LSC LLRC
French Mon/Wed 3-7p LSC LLRC


Business Study Halls    
Accounting 201/202    
Tuesday 2-4:30p WTC Maguire 334
Thursday 12-3:30p  WTC Maguire 334
Economics 201/202/303/304    
Monday 6-8p  WTC Maguire 334
Wednesday 4-6p  WTC Maguire 334
INFS 247    
 Tuesday 2-4p  WTC Maguire 334
 Thursday 2-4p WTC Maguire 334
ISOM 241    
Monday 4-7p WTC Maguire 334
Tuesday 4-7p WTC Maguire 334
Thursday 3-6p WTC Maguire 334